Dorely: Céline Dion, Doja Cat and Billie Eilish, her next EP, … She confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

Dorely: Céline Dion, Doja Cat and Billie Eilish, her next EP, … She confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

Dorely: Céline Dion, Doja Cat and Billie Eilish, her next EP, … She confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

Discover our exclusive interview with singer Dorely, an artist to follow!

A few days ago, we invited you to discover our playlist of the novelties of the week with Nekfeu and Laylow, Booba, Pop Smoke and Dua Lipa, MHD … And today, we are talking about an artist to follow absolutely , Dorely. This young artist mixes pop and trap with deep lyrics. For example, in his #onenparle videos, Dorely offers new songs on important themes chosen in advance by its community. The singer is about to release her second EP including her first track “Missed calls” is already available. For melty, Dorely confides in his love for music, his influences, the meaning of his songs, his next EP, his artists of the moment … It is to be discovered right here! And if you missed the last musical news of the week, don’t panic! The Weeknd and Stromae who are each preparing an album, Shakira who unveils the clip for “Don’t Wait Up”, Booba who is releasing a new one … Everything is in our recap.

melty: Can you tell us how you got into music?

Dorely (singer): My father absolutely wanted me to make music, he was a guitarist. Basically, he wanted to call me Aurélie and finally he made a play on words with the note “Do”, he wanted me to play the piano and sing. I really think that first names trace your destiny in a certain way, I am the very embodiment of it! (Laughs). He enrolled me in the conservatory when I was 4-5 years old. I learned piano and music theory there, and little by little I started singing to accompany me on the piano.

melty: Who were your influences growing up?

Dorely : I listened to Celine Dion, Barbara, Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour and Beyoncé a lot. Bigger afterwards, it was more Post Malone, Juice WRLD. It is quite vast, it is clear that they are opposites! (Laughs).

melty: You started by posting a cover rather than an original song. Why this choice ?

Dorely : Frankly, it was spontaneity! I put original songs before, but they are not visible. I was actually in the studio making my sounds and I said to my producer: “Here, there is a sound that I would love to take back from Dosseh!”. And so I post it on Instagram, and it takes. Dosseh sharing, large pages sharing etc. And suddenly, I said to myself, given the support I’m receiving why not make a full version of it. So it was really not calculated.

melty: What are you talking about in your songs?

Dorely : There, in my last project, it’s a lot of introspection. I think at one point I had an artistic turn where I just wanted to talk about myself. Music is a bit of an outlet. Sometimes, I have the impression that it’s a stripping, that just by listening to my music you know who I am. I also did a concept on Instagram where I asked my followers to submit topics and dealt with the ones that spoke to me the most. So I did, domestic violence, homosexuality etc. It’s important for me to use music as a certain propaganda, to defend a message.

melty: You also dance very well. It has been a long time ?

Dorely : It must have been 10 years. I did everything, I did a bit of Hip-Hop, classical dance, something that I didn’t like at all (laughs), I did a bit of krump, modern dance … For me, dance is also a way of expressing things. When I compose music, I know immediately whether I see it dancing or not. For example, for “Mayday” I knew right away that there was going to be dancing in the clip.

melty: You are currently preparing your second EP. Can you tell us about it?

Dorely : It’s an EP that is really introspective. That is, I described several emotions and I really did it in chapter form. I started with doubts, because I think this is the start of my project, then I focused on who I am and what I want. And my EP gradually reveals the feelings I had, how I got there, how I gained self-confidence, what my goal is etc.

melty: Which is your favorite title of the project?

Dorely : For me, it’s “Without filter” and “Wherever you are”. “Without filter”, it is the title that when people listen to it in front of me, I have the impression of being naked, that they read in me. And “Wherever you are” because I think it’s kind of the beginning of everything that’s happening to me. It’s a title that speaks of self-confidence.

melty: Who is your artist of the moment?

Dorely : At the moment, I really like Doja Cat. And Billie Eilish too, I listen to her a lot.

Credit: melty

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