Dorofeeva released a new Ukrainian-language track

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Dorofeyeva released a new Ukrainian-language track

The performer calls to help Ukrainians restore their homes, until the cold winter comes.

Singer Nadia Dorofeeva performed a song called In your soul and a video for it. The composition was included in Sensi's first Ukrainian-language album. The video was published on Youtube.

According to the plot, the heroine returns home for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war, where everything reminds of February 24th. After that, she turns on the TV, where little Nadia appears on the footage, who performed at concerts and rested at the sea.

At the same time, they show a girl who is in a house destroyed due to Russian invaders and there are several soft toys around her .

“While the enemy is openly rejoicing that civilians are dying in Ukraine, we are doing everything to protect our land. While the enemy is enthusiastically destroying our homes and infrastructure with missiles and drones, we are restoring and strengthening everything. While the enemy is waiting for us to shut our mouths, drop our hands and surrender, we will fight even harder, shout even louder about the war to the whole world, work, create, love, help each other, live!Music is my weapon and instrument of help! “, the artist wrote.

Earlier it was reported that Nadya Dorofeeva presented her first Ukrainian-language album under called Sensi.

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