Dorofeeva Ukrainianized her hit Multicolored


Dorofeeva Ukrainianized her hit Multicolored

The performer held a competition among subscribers, the main the purpose of which was the translation of her Russian-language composition.

Popular singer Nadya Dorofeeva re-released one of her pre-war Russian-language songs. She published the new version on Youtube.

In particular, the artist translated into Ukrainian the composition Multicolored, because of which she had previously got into a language scandal.

“After February 24, the meanings of every Ukrainian have changed, and yellow and blue became the main colors for everyone. Therefore, I decided to add these colors to the song raznotsvetnaya and sing it in Ukrainian,” the performer signed the video.

It is noted that Dorofeeva in social networks announced an open competition among authors for the best adaptation of the lyrics. In total, she was sent more than 1700 options, among which she chose one, which she performed.

Earlier it was reported that Jerry Heil, together with alyona alyona, created several songs in Ukrainian for Nadia Dorofeeva.


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