Dorota Wellman fell off the audience. It was about Piotr Kraśko. What is it actually about

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Viewers did not like Wellman's behavior.

 Dorota Wellman fell in love with the viewers. It was about Piotr Kraśko. What exactly is it about

As the” Super Express “portal reminds us, Dorota Wellman and Marcin Prokop is one of the most popular television duo & oacute ;in. Viewers love them for their sense of humor and distance. Unfortunately, recently journalists have fallen on the audience. All because of the conversation that Wellman and Prokop had with Piotr Kraśko. What did the viewers not like so much?

Piotr Kraśko explains his mistake

Dorota Wellman enjoys a large symptom of viewers who appreciate both her sense of humor and courage in addressing difficult topics. Unfortunately, one of the last interviews, Wellman, cannot be considered particularly successful – at least not according to many of her sympathizers. The viewers' dissatisfaction was caused by the way Wellman had a conversation with Piotr Kraśka.

Piotr Kraśko, after a long absence in the media, appeared on the couch of the “Dzień dobry TVN” program, where he tried to explain himself about the mistakes that had caused him a lot of problems in recent months. These include driving a car without authorization, or problems with the Tax Office from 2012-17.

Kraśko apologized to everyone for his behavior, which he called “stupid, idiotic and irresponsible”. The host of “Fakt” also confessed that he has recently been struggling with depression.

Dorota Wellman in the heat of criticism

Not everyone who watched the interview with Piotr Kraśko liked the way Dorota Wellman treated him. Commentators accused her of humiliating Kraśka and attacking him, and that was not her job. An example of this, according to some viewers, was Kraśka's question whether he thought he was untouchable “because he is Piotr Kraśka from television”.

There were also negative comments about how his conversation Wellman concluded with the visitor. I'm talking about the words “good boy”. One of the Internet users wrote that the last phrase Wellaman “disgusted her cruelly”.

” A colleague came to them after an ordeal, struggling with depression, you can see that he is still not lightly and such an ending “- pointed out another viewer. However, there is also a voice that praises the way of conducting the interview and not giving a colleague a “discounted rate”.

And what do you think about this particular interview?

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