Dorota Wellman sincerely praised her husband. “I am inspired by my husband who bravely endures what I am, and it is not easy”


The journalist does not hide that she and her husband make a good pair. She revealed what she admires most about him.

 Dorota Wellman praised her husband sincerely. it's not easy & rdquo;

Dorota Wellman announced the return of her program “Inspirational Women” about interesting and often underrated initiatives created by extraordinary women.

Portal & ldquo; Dzień Dobry TVN & rdquo; reports that the journalist appealed for recognition of social work not only of women, but also men, and revealed what inspires her by people present in her life, i.e. her husband and son.

The TVN star revealed that she admired her son Kuba for constantly opening her up to the world and constantly introducing new things. She also had some nice words to say about her spouse.

& ldquo; I am inspired by a husband who is brave about what I am, and it's not easy. It's like living with a witch and a vampire in the same house & rdquo; & ndash; said the host of & ldquo; Dzień Dobry TVN & rdquo ;.

Krzysztof Wellman is an established photographer with numerous exhibitions and publications on his account, and in the eyes of his wife he is a & ldquo; a walking museum & rdquo; thanks to her professional experience.

There should be a balance

The journalist thinks it would be a good idea to create a program about inspiring men to stay balanced and appreciate their designs too.

Would you like to watch this format?

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