Doug Ford invites Quebec nurses to practice in Ontario

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Doug Ford invites Quebec nurses to practice in Ontario

Premier Doug Ford says Ontario will welcome nurses from other provinces with 'open arms'.

“We will welcome them with open arms,” ​​said Premier Doug Ford, who on Thursday unveiled new rules allowing nurses from other provinces to start working “immediately” in Ontario.

Mr. Ford mentioned Quebec healthcare workers in his appeal, touting the quality of life in Ontario.

Like other provinces, Ontario is facing a shortage staff in hospitals, in particular.

“[Nurses] won't have to worry about red tape to work in Ontario.

—Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

Government must introduce legislative changes in February to allow Canadian healthcare workers :

  • Practice immediately in Ontario without first having to register with one of Ontario's health regulatory colleges.
  • Work outside of their responsibilities or usual settings, provided they have the knowledge, skill and judgment to do so.

In addition to nurses, Ontario is seeking to recruit more paramedics and respiratory therapists and more.

The Ford government will not offer bonuses to workers from other provinces to practice in Ontario.

According to tipped new NDP Leader Marit Stiles, this recruiting effort may x27;being undermined by the Progressive Conservatives' quasi-wage freeze.

“This government has dragged down healthcare workers in court to restrict their wages. It's not very inviting.

—Marit Stiles, NDP MP

Same story from Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner.

“To solve healthcare crisis, the Ford government should start by paying workers fairly. ”

—Green Party of Ontario (News Release)

Ontario has already made it easier to hire nurses trained in nursing. #x27;abroad to help address the current staffing shortage.

The government isn't setting a target for recruiting workers from other provinces, but Ford says Ontario needs “as many” as possible. possible nurses.

A highly skilled healthcare worker in British Columbia or Nova Scotia should not have to take career breaks or face barriers to practice here in Ontario, Ontario Health Minister Sylvia Jones said in a statement.

She adds that relaxing the rules for workers from other provinces will give more flexibility for Ontario hospitals to fill vacancies or hire more workers in the event of a larger one-time influx of patients, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The health care workers from the United States will not be able to take advantage of this initiative to practice their profession in Ontario.

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