Dozens of Afghans defy the Taliban and protest against the Taliban ban on female education

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Dozens of Afghans defy the Taliban and protest against the Taliban veto on female education

Dozens of people, mostly girls and female students, have taken to the streets of the city of Herat, in western Afghanistan, in protest of the ban on access to university education imposed by the Taliban authorities.

Attendees have chanted chants such as “education is our right” and have gathered around the Governor's Office and the Taliban. n provincial, according to what a protester told the German news agency DPA.

The Taliban authorities have tried to repress the rally and have used water cannons, and have beaten some participants with sticks and batons, according to the testimony of another participant. .

Some videos recorded in the area show a fire truck spraying water, presumably mixed with chemical products, at attendees.

The Taliban authorities decreed in the middle of the week the prohibition of access to university studies for women in the country, a decision that has aroused criticism from a large part of the international community, including a good part of the Islamic world.

Dress codes

The Ministry of Higher Education has justified The ban was followed, alleging that female students generally did not respect dress codes, attended class without the company of male relatives, and mixed with male students.

Since the Taliban took over the government of Afghanistan in August last year, women have seen their participation in the minimum expression reduced to the minimal expression public life, while access to education has also been seen or greatly restricted.