Dozens of NATO soldiers have contracted the coronavirus in Lithuania

Десятки солдат НАТО заразились коронавирусом в Литве

In Lithuania contracted the coronavirus two dozen soldiers from the international NATO battalion. On Thursday, March 26, reports Delfi.

The nationality of most patients is unknown. It is reported that two infected with the Dutch, they were taken to the Netherlands. To stop the spread of the virus, the exercises are held only within the battalion, and joint action with other departments is limited.

Battle group battalion of the forces of forward-based NATO were deployed in Lithuania to 2017, a battalion is commanded by Germany.

According to the latest data, Lithuania had contracted the coronavirus 290 people. Four died, one recovered. The quarantine is in effect until April 13. The Prime Minister said that citizens who refuse to comply with a two-week self-isolation after returning from abroad, will not be able to return home.

In the world pandemic has been declared. The coronavirus was diagnosed in 472 thousand people.

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