Draghi loses parliamentary support to continue governing


Draghi loses parliamentary support to continue governing

The request of Mario Draghito the parties in his coalition had been clear. His permanence at the head of Italycould be maintained with broad support for his mandate and a new government pact. so the prime minister had spoken at the opening of the day in the Senate. But, finally, the olive branch extended by Draghi has not had the expected effect this Wednesday and the Executive led by the former head of the European Central Bank has lost the parliamentary support necessary to continue governing. Italy sinks again like this in the unknown terrain of political chaos, after having regained leadership in Europe and in the world.

The result has been known after a long day plagued by rumors about the possible outcomes of the crisis Italian. After hours of heated discussions in the Senate, the reality of Italian politicsfinished for surpassing the imagination of analysts. Draghi decided put an end to the games, and asked that the parties vote on a motion of confidence on his government. But only the progressive Democratic Party and the centrist Italia Viva openly expressed themselves in favor of the former banker, while the rest of the major parties in the coalition chose not to rule on the motion. The right-wingers of Forza Italia and the League walked out of the classroom during the vote, and the populists of the The 5 Star Movement, architects of the crisis, remained but did not vote.

The political to allow Draghi to win the confidence motion, but it didn't matter. so was left equally clear that he no longer has the support he needs to keep his government alive. Even so, the still Italian Prime Minister decided to not going immediately to submit your resignationHe spoke to the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, possibly to give him more time to find a solution. In fact, Draghi is scheduled to appear this Thursday before the Italian Congress, where a new chapter is expected to open, the development of which fewer and fewer political scientists venture to predict.

The extreme right smiled. e

The partners of the coalition and the only big party that was not part of the group, the far-right Brothers of Italy, will now fight to share Draghi's tunic, who a few months ago he seemed invincible, and that he was finally swallowed up by the Machiavellian politics of his country. “The moderate right is dead today” Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva. “It's a dramatic day,” he added. Enrico Letta, leader of the Democratic Party. In truth, it was the heterogeneity of Draghi's coalition, the opposing positions of the parties that made up his government, which has finally taken its toll on the former banker. A power to which he consented. without going through the polls, but yes. has lost within Parliament.

After a relatively calm Tuesday, in which the stock market had closed higher and the weather was not overly negative, things got rough again after Draghi's morning intervention in the Senate. From there, the politician said he had reconsidered his decision – made last Thursday – to throw in the towel, citing all the challenges that Italy still has ahead of it. Among them: the reforms requested by the European Union(in exchange for the up to 230,000 million euros granted to the country), the rampant inflation and the energy crisis, as well as the as the country's response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These are the “emergencies” for which the government should not be broken, said Draghi. 

Crisis over Ukraine

But the politician also returned to defend the shipment of weaponsto Ukraine, a measure that the 5 Stars have repeatedly rejected, and even announced changes to the law on “citizenship income”, a subsidy that this party considers one of its star measures. A position, this, that earned him That most of the senators of the grillistas did not applaud his speech. The same did the League, although in this case the reason was not clear. It was the beginning of the end. “He has made a speech not to win the confidence motion,” said a League senator. Later, Forza Italia and the lawyers even requested a government without the 5 stars, something that Draghi did not accept.

On the contrary, in his reply in the afternoon shift at the Senate, the former banker returned to insist on the great support from citizens and European leaders received in recent days. But the risk premium seemed sense what was to come. In the course of Draghi's first speech, he lowered himself. of the 200 points, but at the end of that intervention he returned to 200 points. to rise above that value, and so on. closed the day and so on Finally, Draghi himself also transmitted the message. the feeling that, after listening to the statements of his former allies, he had understood what was coming. “I would like to thank those who have supported this government”, he said then, when the major earthquake was already becoming a fact.


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