Draghi resigns again after not being able to reissue the government pact


Draghi resigns again after not being able to reissue the government pact

In the end, The Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, has once again submitted his resignation and, this time, definitively. Italy stays like this in the hands of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. It is up to him now solve the puzzle of the transalpine political crisis, of uncertain outcome and which has now been formally opened. The former head of the European Central Bankwill remainin office only forordinary matters, as announced by the secretary general of the presidency of the República, Ugo Zampetti.

After aAfter a convulsive week of unsuccessful negotiations with his government partners, Draghi has made his decision after losing on Wednesday the support parliamentarian in the Senate. The economistHe had led a coalition of national unity since February 2021 in which almost all the parties in the hemicycle were present, except Giorgia Meloni's ultra Brothers of Italy. Last week the crisis broke out. in his coalition after the M5S did not vote on a confidence motion, distancing himself from the rest of his partners, which pushed Draghi to tender his resignation for the first time.

Draghi resigns again after not being able to reissue the government pact

“As you can see, sometimes the heart of a banker is also used. Thank you for all the work done in this period”, said Draghi, already completely resigned and moved. “I am going to see the President of the Republic to communicate my intentions”, added Draghi in Congress, followed by a great applause.

El President Mattarella is scheduled to meet this afternoon with the presidents of the Senate, Elisabetta Casellati, and of the Italian Congress, Roberto Fico. After that, the continuation of the crisis is still unknown. It opens in this way a moment of extreme political volatility for Italy. And the roadmap is announced convulsive. In fact, the Italian president does not have many options to get out of the political mess and one of them is the calling of early general elections this coming fall, as pointed out by the analysts at this hour.

Advantage of the right

If elections are held, the parties of the rightThey would have an advantage, since the three principals of this ideology are around -together- almost 50% of the consensus in the event of elections, according to the latest available polls . They are Giorgia Meloni's Brothers of Italy, Matteo Salvini's La Liga and Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia. In the past few days, their leaders have met multiple times.

from there that Meloni, the only one in the group that was not part of the coalition that supported Draghi , has been one of those who have rubbed their hands the most in recent hours . The reason is that his party, heir to the post-fascist Italian Social Movement, which has controversial positions on immigration and the European Union, is currently the first party in Italyfor voting intentions. “We want a serious, strong and responsible government,” argued Luca Ciriani, spokesman for the Brothers of Italy in the Senate.

Allies' concern

The Italian political upheaval has also caused stupor among the international alliesfrom Italy, which even so they have refrained from inflammatory statements. “The alliance with Italy is strong and we will continue to collaborate on priority issues, such as support for Ukraine against Russian aggression,” said a spokeswoman for the US White House.

The situation Nor has it left Brussels indifferent. “The fall of the Draghi government is a disaster for Italy, but also for Europe. All this with the complicity of the European People's Party. Today you are also going to applaud the position that your party has taken in Italy?”, the Spanish socialists in the European Parliament have written on Twitter.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, “has has repeatedly emphasized the close and constructive cooperation with President Draghi”, commented, for his part, the spokesman for the European official, Eric Mamer, adding that it is hoped that the collaboration with the Italian authorities continue


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