Drama in Paris: a man attacked with an ax is between life and death

Drama in Paris: a man attacked with an ax is between life and death

It’sa scene of horror that took place this Saturday, June 18 in the heart of Paris. A man is between life and death following an ax attack.

Shortly after midnight, on the night of Friday June 17 to Saturday June 18, 2022, a terrible attack took place. It was in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, rue Buzenval, that it happened. South of the Père Lachaise cemetery, two walkers alerted the emergency services, which put the attacker to flight. In his race, he lost his identity papers, which allowed the police to identify him quickly. On the other hand, the victim is in intensive care, between life and death, at the Henri Mondor hospital in Créteil, in Val-de-Marne. It was the journalists of Le Parisien who reported the facts.

The attack was so violent that one of the witnesses had to be hospitalized. No wonder, in front of this nightmare scene. Discovering a person lying on the ground, covered in blood, and the cranium depressed, it is not the most restful. When he was discovered, the assailant disappeared, the ax covered in blood in his hand, in the direction of the rue de Bagnolet. At the call of the two witnesses, two crews from the Paris anti-crime brigade (BAC) were sent to the scene. Firefighters were also present and provided first aid to the victim. She is between life and death, and her identity has not been revealed.

The suspect was intoxicated

The alleged perpetrator, who had fled, did not didn't have to wait long to be arrested. His description: 1m75, medium-length black hair, dark clothes, drunk, and Indo-Pakistani type. He would live in the neighborhood. Fortunately for the police, the Vitale card and the residence permit of this person were found on the ground. He was quickly found, but without his weapon. He was taken into custody after a stint in a drunk tank. The authorities obviously prohibited access to the area, in order to collect any clues that could confirm the identity of the attacker. It remains to know the motive for this bloody crime, which one would think straight out of a horror movie. To be continued…

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