Dreamcatcher. A talisman that protects a calm sleep.

Dreamcatcher. A talisman that protects a calm sleep.

Now in many apartments you can see a dream catcher. Many people hang it for the sake of beauty. And he is really very cute, unusual for us Europeans, with feathers. In general, a miracle, a curiosity.

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We bought ours about five years ago at the zoo. For the zoo, profit, but for us, joy with beautiful feathers.

Dreamcatcher. A talisman that protects a calm sleep.

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But in order for this joy to become not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but also useful, the dream catcher must be activated.

First, you need to clear it of extraneous energy. For this, it is quite enough to hold it in the sun or over a flame of fire. It is possible in the wind. As to whom the heart will tell. The fact is that someone has an element of air, someone has a fire, etc. I have, for example, earth, but somehow I do not have a desire to bury it in the ground, so I’m quite satisfied to clean it with smoke from burnt wormwood or juniper.

A dream catcher is believed to ward off bad dreams. It weighs in our daughter's room.

Activate the waxing moon dreamcatcher. This talisman came to us from the Indians who consider it a powerful talisman. And of course it becomes clear that they will activate it by dedicating their gods. But! We have nothing to do with them. It will be the same if we ask the wall for help, and then we also get offended that the curiosity does not work. So when activating, we ask for help from our own.

Take a dream catcher and hold your hand over it. It is necessary to imagine how pure snow-white energy enters through the hand, how it passes through the entire dream catcher. She will connect you as a host and a dream catcher as a guardian talisman. While holding your hand, reach out to him and talk to him (mentally). If you feel the answer, then everything worked out. What does it mean to get an answer? Of course, he will not talk to you in human language. These are just feelings, warmth, feedback. By activating it, our goal is to essentially revive it with energy, which will accumulate in it for a specific purpose. For a moment, you should feel that you are practically one whole, that is, both of you are filled with this energy.

The next step, you ask the dream catcher for protection from negative energies. That is, ask him to guard you from nightmares. Ask him to send you clues in dreams. This is also possible.

But remember, any such thing does not last long and periodically requires recharging. Well, or just becomes an interior item.

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