Drugs seized after taxi driver arrested in Hull

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Drug seizure after taxi driver arrested in Hull

An SPVG patrol policeman intercepted a taxi for driving that contravened the Highway Code (archives).

At first glance innocuous, a police arrest for non-compliance with the Highway Code in downtown Hull led to a large seizure of narcotics overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

Around 5 a.m. 05 Sunday morning, a patrol officer pulled over a taxi for driving that violated the Highway Code.

The Police Department officer he City of Gatineau then found that the taxi passenger was wanted on the basis of an arrest warrant.

While searching the individual, the police officer seized over 200g of methamphetamines, 37g of crack, 300g of heroin, a taser and a prohibited knife.

The taxi passenger therefore faces eight counts of possession of various drugs, as well as a prohibited weapon.

He is also facing one count of receiving possession of a police badge stolen from the Ottawa Police Service.

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