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DSA: TikTok and YouTube under threat of EU procedure

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Now that the DSA or the Digital Services Regulation is in force, large online platforms are being closely monitored by the European Commission. And in fact, it announces in a press release that it has requests for information, related to the protection of minors, from the TikTok and YouTube platforms.

“The Commission is asking companies to provide more information on the steps they have taken to comply with their obligations relating to the protection of minors under the DSA, including obligations relating to assessments of risks and mitigation measures to protect minors online, particularly with regard to risks to mental health and physical health, as well as the use of their services by minors”, we can read in this press release.

The Commission also explains that TikTok and YouTube must provide the requested information before November 30. And, based on the information obtained, it will evaluate the next steps. Note that a similar request has already been sent by the European Commission to X (former Twitter), following reports of illegal content on the platform.

TikTok was recently denounced by Amnesty International

It is not clear if there is a link, but recently, Amnesty International published two studies denouncing TikTok's “For you” algorithm, and the impact that this algorithm can have on the mental health of young people.

“TikTok's recommendation system and accompanying intrusive data collection practices pose a danger to young users of the platform by amplifying content on depression and suicide that risks worsening health problems existing mental health, as shown by two additional reports published on November 7 by Amnesty International”, denounced the NGO, in a press release.

As part of the DSA, YouTube and TikTok are considered such as “Very Large Online Platforms”, for which additional obligations apply in the EU. And the legislation includes a series of rules intended to better protect children on the internet.

  • TikTok and YouTube are threatened with a procedure from the European Commission, as part of the application of the DSA
  • The Commission has sent requests for information relating to the protection of minors to these platforms
  • The next step will depend on the information obtained by the Commission
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  • X (Twitter) has already received a similar request, related to moderation

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