Dua Lipa: Don’t Star Now, Levitating, One Kiss … Back to her best live performances

Dua Lipa: Don’t Star Now, Levitating, One Kiss … Back to her best live performances

Dua Lipa: Don’t Star Now, Levitating, One Kiss … Back to her best live performances

Come and discover our incredible selection of the best live performances of Dua Lipa.

Not long ago, we invited you to go back in time with our selection of Britney Spears’ best live performances. But today, we decided to tackle an artist who continues to rise in popularity, Dua Lipa. If his first single, “New Love” was released in 2014, the singer really exploded in 2020 with her second album Future Nostalgia. “Don’t Start Now”, “Levitating”, “Break My Heart”... It’s simple, there are only tubes! The album still sits in the top 10 of the Billboard charts, in sixth position while his single “Levitating” in featuring with DaBaby is him in fourth place of the Hot 100. And in addition to that, Dua Lipa offers us sick benefits at each of his lives. So we had to make this small selection of his best performances and you’ll see, that’s something! Here we go !

“One Kiss / Electricity” aux American Music Awards de 2018

In 2018, Dua Lipa performed at AMAs her two hits “One Kiss” and “Electricity”. And she was already sending heavy! The artist has recreated a warehouse decor on the set for a very urban atmosphere. For the second part of the performance, the lights go out to make way for ultraviolet rays and fluorescent paints. Dua Lipa drops from the top of the stairs without pressure. Certainly it is caught by the dancers but still! In short, she is bluffing. The performance ends in style with this artificial rain and a touch of madness. We love !

“Don’t Start Now” aux MTV EMAs de 2019

This time, it is a blonde Dua Lipa that we find to interpret his hit “Don’t Start Now” on the stage of the MTV EMAs in 2019. The singer is accompanied by about thirty dancers all dressed in yellow jumpsuits. If some people laughed at Dua Lipa in the past for her dance movements performed a little awkwardly, there she closes the door of many people! Like what, when we want, we can.

“Levitating” aux American Music Awards en 2020

After his successful performance on “One Kiss” and “Electricity” in 2018, Dua Lipa returns to set the AMAs scene on fire in 2020, this time to perform his hit “Levitating” from his new album Future Nostalgia. Dua Lipa sings wonderfully, without even being out of breath by the hellish choreography she performs. The camera turns around her, in a very galactic setting. At the same time, to be as talented as Dua Lipa must necessarily come from another planet. In addition, in the end it levitates, literally. If that’s not the sign of superpowers …

“Levitating” ft. DaBaby / “Don’t Start Now” aux GRAMMYs de 2021

There, Dua Lipa interprets the two hits that we saw just before in one and the same performance. It starts with “Levitating” in a beautiful purple dress before being joined by DaBaby who comes to sing her part. Dua Lipa reappears at the top of the stairs in a different outfit, this time an always purple and sequined blazer dress. Third costume change for “Don’t Start Now” and choreography always more impressive each time. There’s nothing to say, it’s just perfect.

Future Nostalgia Medley aux BRIT Awards 2021

We finish this selection in style with its medley of Future Nostalgia at the BRIT Awards in 2021. One of his best performances without any hesitation. It starts with “Love Again” in the London Underground before continuing with “Physical” in a reproduction of a subway car wearing a blazer dress with the flag of the United Kingdom. For “Hallucinate”, the stage turns into a real dancefloor and the choreographies are always crazier every time. There’s no denying it, Dua Lipa knows how to offer us performances worthy of the name! And you, which is your favorite?

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