Duchess Kate and Prince William shared the talent of their eldest son with the world. There are many voices of admiration

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Prince George has an extraordinary talent. What?

Duchess Kate and Prince William shared the talent of their eldest son with the world. There is no shortage of voices of delight

According to the portal “Jastrząb Post”, Prince William and Duchess Kate decided to show off the extraordinary talent of their eldest son. Prince George delighted not only supporters of the royal family.

First Christmas without Queen Elizabeth

King Charles III gave his first Christmas speech, in which he thanked the British and the whole world for the support and condolences he and his loved ones received after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch spoke about faith not only in God, but also in people, which was passed down to him by his mother.

On the occasion of Christmas, Prince William and Princess Kate decided to give their supporters a special surprise. They presented the unique talent of their eldest son – Prince George. There was no end to the voices of delight.

Prince George's talent captivated the world

The Prince and Princess of Wales posted a picture of a Christmas card made by Prince George on social media. One glance is enough to notice the talent dormant in the future king.

There were a lot of comments under the post, in which it was difficult to find any criticism. Many people stressed that George inherited his artistic talent from his mother. “This is wonderful. There is talent in this family. Kate is a wonderful photographer and pianist,” one of the comments read.

Someone else said that at first he thought it was a professional Christmas card, not the work of a 9-year-old prince. “Support his talent,” the commenter added. “Wow. So much talent in such a little boy. He has it in his genes” – we read in the next comment.

And how do you like Prince George's work?

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