Dungeons & Dragons: a fan-service trailer for the adaptation of the role-playing game


Just after the first teaser for this adaptation of the most famous role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves revealed its first trailer.

San Diego Comic-Con has kicked off, and with it comes a flood of big announcements, trailers and exclusive previews. in the hope of arousing general impatience. If the plans of Marvel or DC are expected at the turn this year, the novelties are also (especially) welcome. Among the first announcements from the convention, a teaser for a movie Dungeons & Dragons, the cult role-playing game (discovered by some in Stranger Things) which has had many (very good) adaptations in video games and some (very bad) adaptations at the movies (the turnip on .

This first preview of the film, presenting the main cast in costume, was enough to trigger some nervous laughs. A very cheap aesthetic of what we imagine to be fantasy role-playing game characters. Fortunately, a trailer was released soon after and told us a little more about the intentions of the film.

We actually discover our typical adventurers in action, led by a Chris Pine playing a bard, in a story that will appeal enough to purists of this genre of games. A gang of clumsy heroes undertake a heist to recover a lost relic. Role-players will not be out of place: this is absolutely the kind of scenario in which many groups of friends have embarked in the past over a pizza.

This Dungeon & Dragons seems to sidestep the pitfall of a too-serious cliched fantasy story, to focus on the essence of what roleplaying is all about. .

In sum,the film seems to be relying a lot on a delirious and assumed fan-service. Between the plans developed in the taverns, the owl bears, the mimics or other gelatinous cubes, the references fuse to immediately capture the attention of purists and attach to the nostalgia of fans of the universe.


A strategy that could pay off even if many elements still offend in the trailer. Rather mediocre special effects and photography and a tone that remains very calibrated giving a taste of deja vu. Led Zeppelin's choice of music is reminiscent of Thor: Ragnarok, and the verbal ping-pong exchanges between the characters recall any comic scene from a Marvel movie. recent.

Hoping for a good surprise, or at least an honest tribute to old-school role-playing games, we already know that we can see the film in theaters March 1, 2023.


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