Dungeons & Dragons: a very (very, very) ugly first teaser for the adaptation of the fantasy game


The new adaptation of the famous Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game has unveiled first images, and perhaps the first film from 2000 was not so bad.

The various seasons of Stranger Things have managed to revive many nostalgic licenses, one of them being the famous board game Dungeons & Dragons. And since it would have been a shame to deprive yourself of an opportunity to capitalize a little more on pre-established successes, Paramount Studios rushed to kick off a new feature film project, titled Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieves.

Scheduled for 2023, this new adaptation of the medieval-fantasy game can also be seen as an opportunity for the mountain studio to clear its honor, and exorcise the putrid memory of Dungeons & Dragonsworn by a Jeremy Irons on acid (but we can easily imagine that he needed it to complete the shoot without wanting to jump out of a window). However, it seems that Honor Thieves is also on track to be a minor failure in due form.

En Indeed, a very first teaser of the footage was broadcast during San Diego Comic-Con, and as much to say that the images relayed by The Hollywood Reporter's Twitter account arouse more dread than real geek hype.

The #DungeonsandDragons: #HonorAmongThieves Tavern experience at #SDCC2022 provides a first look at Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Regé-Jean Page, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis and Hugh Grant in character for the film pic.twitter.com/0i6VWsn9Tg

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) July 21, 2022

Good. What to say ? Where to start ? By Chris Pine's (Star Trek) little fitted jacket and electric lute? By Michelle Rodriguez's (Fast & Furious) costume, which is more reminiscent of Warcraft? Or perhaps it would be to linger on the paladin of Regé-Jean Page (The Bridgerton Chronicle), the wizard of Justice Smith (Detective Pikachu ), or the druid of Sophia Lillis (That) and her almost cute little slingshot?

Or, let's think big, and address the most surprising. Earlier in the year, it was revealed by Deadline that the production had set their sights on none other than British comedian Hugh Grant to play the big bad. A casting that is surprising to say the least, especially since his image as a seducer has stuck with the actor since his romantic comedies in the 90s. But after all, why not? If the actor wants to take a big check to wear a dressing gown and sketch a few sardonic laughs, who can really throw the stone at him?

Besides, it's still a little early to spit in the soup. Admittedly, these images are not very engaging, but perhaps they will delight aficionados of the original game. And then, you might as well get used to the idea, since the association between Paramount and Hasbro will, in addition to the reboot, give rise to a series designed to accompany the film saga, which has also been entrusted to Derek Kolstad (the creator and screenwriter of the John Wick trilogy).

We just have to wait patiently for the release in Dungeons & Dragons rooms, scheduled for March 3, 2023, to make up your own mind. The time until then, for the bravest, to rediscover the mind-blowing nanar of 2000.


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