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Dupont de Ligonnès case: the Nantes prosecutor refutes the thesis of the sister of the alleged murderer

The Nantes prosecutor firmly refutes the thesis supported by the sister of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès according to which the murders of his sister-in-law and her nephews were just a "stage performance".

Since March 13, the date of publication of his work, Xavier, my presumed brother, innocent, Christine Dupont de Ligonnès is making the rounds in the media. On the sets, she proclaims the innocence of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès, accused of for having killedé then buried his wife and children under their terrace, in 2011, à Nantes, and supports the thesis according to which the family is still alive and exfiltrated to the United States. The affair, which had caused controversy the chronicle thirteen years ago, has never been published solved since the father, the main suspect, was never arrested. found.

Nevertheless, the Nantes prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul, firmly rejects this thesis, reports BFMTV. "Nothing allows judicially giving credit é this version", underlinedé the magistrate, Thursday March 21, specifying that this would involve “falsification of judicial documents not only by investigators, but also by experts having carried out autopsies and identification analyzes by genetic fingerprints, which were carried out carried out & based on muscle samples taken from the discovered bodies.

Investigations continue

For Christine Dupont de Ligonnès, the crime scene was "a set-up". The sister of the missing person bases her interpretation of the facts on a letter sent by her brother in which he claims to work for American intelligence. At the microphone of the 24/7 news channel, her lawyer admitted, on March 18, that her client was probably “in denial.” ;quot;. "It's hard to believe her when she disputes scientific truths drawn from DNA and bodies, and the existence of bodies themselves. Wù were we able to find five replacement bodies ?" he justified.

The investigation is still ongoing. More than ten years after the events, "1 750 reports" have been "reçusés" without success by the "criminal boss of Nantes", assures the prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul, before adding that, "unlike & what may have been published, an imminent closure of the investigations is not yet possible today. the agenda.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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