During the festival in Opole, Kasia Cichopek revealed how she feels after breaking up with her husband and his statements on television. Will it get worse


The actress acted as a presenter at the festival in Opole. She revealed some details from behind the scenes and about her private life.

 Kasia Cichopek, on the occasion of the festival in Opole, revealed how she feels after separating from her husband and his arguments on television. Will it be even worse

The news about the separation of Kasia Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel in March shocked Polish show business. Although at first the couple assured that they would keep the details to themselves, the dancer quickly revealed in the media that the actress was to blame and that it was most likely a betrayal.

Although the host of the & ldquo; Question for breakfast & rdquo; she did not confirm this, she quickly began to connect with her screen partner Maciej Kurzajewski.

The star, however, does not comment on this, preferring to look after her children and her career. At the Festival in Opole, she was one of the presenters and, according to the portal & ldquo; Pomponik & rdquo;, it was not easy for her. However, her son and daughter cheered her up. Just before the start, she got a nice message.

& ldquo; They texted me saying they were crossing their fingers for me. I wrote to them that I was stressed and they replied that I would be great & rdquo; & ndash; the actress confessed in an interview.

Kasia Cichopek also revealed a bit more about her personal life. She confirmed that this year is extremely difficult for her so far and is afraid what will happen next, especially as the situation will not be solved in a painless way & oacute; b.

She confirmed, however, that children are a priority for her and can count on the support of her family, friends and employers.

Do you think that Marcin Hakiel will hurt her somehow?

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