Dynamo dejalo “Olympic” and reduced the backlog from stumbling Shakhtar: video highlights from matches…

«Динамо» дожало «Олимпик» и сократило отставание от оступившегося «Шахтера»: видеообзоры матчей...

Sunday, December 1, the matches in Mariupol, Chernigov, and Kiev ended a 16-th round of the competitions in the Ukrainian Premier League. Slightly disappointed its fans champion Shakhtar lost points for the second time in the season.

The Championship Of Ukraine. 16-th round

December 1 (Sunday)

“Olimpik” (Donetsk) — Dynamo (Kiev) — 1:3 (Shahab, 38 — Besedin, 37, 79, de Pena, 87). On 72 minutes, removed Kravchuk (“Olympic”).

Dynamo: Boyko, Mikolenko (KENDZERA, 27), Kadar, Sidorchuk, de Foam, Tsygankov, buialskyi (Garmash, 88), Shabanov, Karavaev, Shaparenko (Shepelev, 74), Besedin.

Mariupol — Shakhtar (Donetsk) — 1:1 (putrya, 49 Tyson, 15, penalty). Youth teams — 1:0.

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Cooper, Bolbat, Khocholava, Ismaily, Stepanenko, Marcos Antonio (Maicon, 78), Aunt (Solomon, 58), Tyson, Linnet, Sickan (Boyarchuk, 69).

“Desna” (Chernigov) — “Alexandria” — 2:0 (Khlyobas, 46, Filippov, 60). Youth teams — 2:1.

November 30 (Saturday)

“Zarya” (Lugansk) — “Carpathians” (Lvov) — 2:0 (Vernidub, 54, Rusin, 87). Youth teams — 2:1.

“Lions” — “Dnepr-1” — 0:2 (Korkishko, 16, Kogut, 61). Youth teams — 1:1.

“Vorskla” (Poltava) — “spike” (Kovalivka) — 1:0 (Vasin, 38, penalty). Youth teams — 3:3.

Dynamo came out for the away match against Olympique de Marseille… home arena of a name of Valery Lobanovsky after just 62 hours after returning from Sweden after a selected nerve of the Europa League match with Malmo.

In comparison with the game in Scandinavia mentor “white-blue” Alexei Mikhailichenko has made four changes to the starting line-up: Busana, the KENDZERA, Shepeleva and Verbicha replaced recovered smartly, Karavaev, Shaparenko and de Pena.

The meeting began with a minute of silence in memory of the deceased at the age of 42 after a long illness of ex-football player and the trainer “olimpika” Dmitry Logvinov, held special intrigue. After all, Donetsk, scored in the last five games of the Premier League 13 (!) points brought to the game, Spanish coach Vicente Gomez, more recently, worked in the… Dynamo.

Kyivans started the game actively, but in the middle of the first half rated the visitors had to replace the pulled thigh muscle of Mikolenko, which entered the game KENDZERA.

To effectively “white-blue” became their 10th shot on target, when after a canopy of Foam and de errors at the output of the Keeper pen Besedin head ferried the ball into the net. But has not passed also minutes, as the Pitmen equalized: after a rough misstep Shabanova Iranian striker Shahab sold out one-on-one with Boyko.

After the break, the Dynamo continued to attack, but again could miss from Shahab. Still, after a rough foul on Karavayev the field was removed Kravchuk, wards Mickle efforts Besedina and de Foam still came close to winning Olympic, regaining second place in the table with 11 points behind the leader.

Video review of the first half

The battle in Mariupol, Shakhtar arrived after the away Champions League match with Manchester city without seven players core holder disqualified Patrika and Moraes, injured Dentinho and Marlos and Dodo, Kryvtsov and Kovalenko.

However, experienced players to the miners enough Pyatov, ismaily, Bolbat, Stepanenko, taison, Linnet plus the Brazilians Aunt and Marcos Antonio.

Wards Luis Castro quickly came forward (Linnet earned a penalty, and Tyson surely realized it)… and lost my concentration. After all, in the previous 48 games with the Mariupol side, Shakhtar lost points just three times, giving opponents a draw.

To the credit of the players Aleksandra Babic (the owners could not rely on Bykov Fedorchuk, and during the match again “broke down” Fomin), they didn’t give up and early in the second half, the efforts of the pupil… “miner” Putri equalized. To reverse the course of the game the guests are unable, losing points in Mariupol for the first time since may 2013.

However, the misfire is not very shattered the leadership of “Shakhtar”, but “Mariupol” earned point was allowed to return to the top six.

Before face-to-face confrontation in the Chernigov “Desna” and “Alexandria”, the loser in last Thursday in the Europa League the “Wolfsburg” had in the asset at 27 points. In a duel of contenders for the medals were luckier wards Alexander Ryabokon, who thanks to a goal of Khlyobas and seventh season in the precise impact Filippova has ended a four-game unbeaten streak of the Alexandrians in the Premier League,


1. Shakhtar — 44 points;

2. Dynamo — 33;

3. Zarya — 31;

4. Desna — 30;

5. Alexandria — 27;

6. “Mariupol” — 18;

7. “Olympic” — 18;

8. “Dnepr-1” — 18;

9. Kolos — 17;

10. Karpaty — 11;

11. Lviv — 11;

12. Vorskla — 11.

Scorers: 14 goals — Junior Moraes (Shakhtar); 8 — Artem biesiedin (“Dynamo”), Bogdan Lednev (dawn); 7 — taison (Shakhtar Donetsk), Alexander Filippov (Desna); 6 — Victor Tsygankov (“Dynamo”), Marlos (Shakhtar), Dmitry Khlyobas (“Desna”); 5 — Nazar Rusin, Vladlen Yurchenko (both “dawn”), Benjamin of Verbic, Carlos de Pena (both “Dynamo”).

In the penultimate in the past year, the 17th round of the Premier League will play “Shakhtar” — “Olimpik” (December 6), “Alexandria” — “Vorskla”, “Kolos” — “Dnepr” (December 7), Mariupol — Lviv “Karpaty” — “Desna” and “the Dynamo” — “Zorya” (8 December).


Photo of FC “Dynamo”

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