Dyson launches Zone, headphones that purify the air and choke your wallet

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Are you hesitating between getting headphones and an air purifier? Introducing Zone, Dyson's new headphones that protect you from noise pollution and pollution at all.

Dyson launches Zone, headphones-that-purify-the-air-and-muffle-your-wallet- wallet

If Dyson is famous in the eyes of the general public for its bagless (and cordless) vacuum cleaners, the British company also offers other products in its catalog, with fans, hair dryers or even air purifiers. ;air. Earlier this year, this same Dyson unveiled an amazing headset called “The Zone”, which allows the user to simultaneously protect themselves from noise pollution and pollution at the same time. Explanations.

Dyson in da Zone!

The Dyson Zone headphones have real headphones for this, which house small compressors that suck in and prepare the air for filtration of fine particles and other pollutants. The air thus purified is returned to the user via a mask which is placed on the lower part of the face, at the height of the mouth and nose. Note that the lower part is removable, if you want to use the product as headphones only.

During the presentation of its Zone headphones, Dyson remained very discreet regarding various details, in particular the audio specificities of its product, but also any date of availability or even a sale price. Today, the firm agrees to announce the price of this Zone helmet, which will therefore be displayed at the price of 949 dollars when it is launched in the United States, i.e. (almost) double the price of a helmet Apple AirPods Max.

On the availability side, Dyson also wanted to confirm that the Zone headphones will be launched next year, with the first deliveries already scheduled for the month of march. In terms of colors, you can opt for two models to choose from, namely Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue and Prussian Blue/Bright Copper.

According to Dyson, the electrostatic filters that come with the headphones are designed to give up to 12 months of use before they need to be replaced. The filters will be able to block 99% of particles, including those that do not exceed 0.1 microns.

As for the audio section, the Zone helmet will offer an active reduction function noise, not to mention a MyDyson companion app to choose between three dubbed audio equalization modes. At launch, the headphones will support SBC, AAC and LHDC audio codecs, as well as the Bluetooth 5.0 standard.

As for autonomy, the 2,600 mAh battery will allow you to enjoy the ausio qualities of the Zone headphones for 50 hours. Of course, activating the air purification will drop the battery life to 4 hours in Low mode, 2.5 hours in Mid mode and only 1.5 hours in High mode. Everything is recharged directly via a USB-C cable, with a full charge taking around three hours.

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