EA is preparing the next Sims game

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EA preparing the next Sims game

Within a few years, Sims fans will have a new game to explore.

Almost ten years after the launch of Sims 4, EA announces that it is working on the sequel to its popular series. Fans of the life simulation game will need to be patient though: Project Rene – a working title evoking “rebirth” – won't be released for a few years.

In a presentation at the Behind The Sims Summit event on Tuesday, the studio revealed the broad outlines of the game, which is still in its early stages of development. The features put forward show that the brand wants to develop the social side of the game, in addition to increasing the possibilities of personalizing objects and houses.

We rely on the foundations that made The Simsfascinating for generations of gamers, and we push the boundaries to create new experiences,” said Vice President Lyndsay Pearson.

Project Rene > will offer a single-player mode and a cross-platform collaborative mode. Two people can therefore build and decorate a house together, even if one of them has the game on the computer, and the other on Xbox.

It will also be possible to choose the furniture in a room on your smartphone, then finalize the layouts on your computer, for example.

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Here is an example of how it will be possible to customize objects in the next Sims game.

The first images unveiled by EA also show a level of customization not yet possible in Sims 4. Players will be able to create a bed piece by piece, among other things, by choosing the color and patterns of the sheets, or the shape of the headboard.

Waiting for the release of its new game, EA promises to keep updating The Sims 4. Two expansion titles are planned for 2023. Note that the Sims 4 base game has been free since Tuesday.

With information from Polygon, and IGN

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