Eat every day pumpkin for 20 days. Share the results of his experiment

Ела каждый день тыкву на протяжении 20 дней. Делюсь результатами своего эксперимента

Recently I really fell in love with pumpkin last month I used it in various culinary experiments. And now, a few weeks ago, I stumbled on the Internet on an article about the benefits of these orange fruits – it turned out that the pumpkin brings to our body just a huge favor, thanks to the contained vitamins and trace elements.

And I, in anticipation of the future positive changes, decided to conduct another experiment, but this time with his body – drinking a pumpkin daily for 20 days. Their results of this independent study I want to tell you in this article about such a fast effect, I never even dreamed of!

So, pumpkin, I was eating more on dinner – cleaned the fruit from the rind, cut into small pieces and baked with seasonings in the oven – it turned out very tasty.
What changes, due to this, happened in my body?

Well, first, I was very pleased with the weight loss – during this time I managed to get rid of 3 extra pounds, which can easily “gone”. All because the pumpkin contains a large amount of fiber, which quickly saturates the body and leaves a pleasant feeling of satiety. By itself, pumpkin is low in calories, so it does not harm the figure.

Second, improved skin condition on the face. This also contributed to the pumpkin, because it cleanses the body of toxins, and our face is known – the result of what happens in the body inside.

Thirdly, improved digestion and normalized stool. I think that pumpkin has influenced these positive changes, because before these problems I often plagued.

And another “plus sign” the pumpkin will supply for improved vision – I think, here the role was played by the vitamin a – after this experiment “picture” in the darkness became clearer.

So, I will be sure to use pumpkin in your food and then – found the recipe of the soup and rice porridge with pumpkin – I’m sure these dishes are delicious and, more importantly, will the body a lot of good.

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