Eating backwards, new trend not to gain weight

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You thought you had heard everything when it comes to dieting? Not sure ! The last variant is called backward eating and it is practiced by some great sportsmen, in particular by Robert Lewandowski, the star of German football.

Like most top athletes, Robert Lewandowski is particularly concerned its shape and weight. Food, sleep… A strict lifestyle that allows the Polish footballer, emblematic player of Bayern Munich, to be, at 33, still a formidable scorer.

But recently, it was in the columns of the Times that he revealed the secret – to say the least surprising – which allows him to be always so efficient: “I eat my meal upside down. I start with dessert and end with the starter. A new dietary routine advised by his wife Anna, dietician, fitness coach and former karate champion, and which is gaining followers among other great athletes.

We already knew the “reverse” diet, advising to eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner, but here, the concept of backward eating – eating backwards – pushes the idea of ​​”upside down”. even further! Finished, the traditional “starter, main course, dessert” menu. It is now a question of reversing the order of the dishes. And Robert Lewandowski admits that he regularly starts his meal with a pure cocoa-based brownie, then he completes it with white meat or fish accompanied by rice, before finishing with salad or soup. . A way, according to him, to separate carbohydrates from proteins and better assimilate food.

I eat my meal upside down. I start with the dessert and end with the entrée.Robert Lewandowski

Eating backwards, new trend to not gain weight

Eating backwards, new trend not to gain weight

The dieticians shared

“Since I have eaten this way, I have more tone,” says the Bayern star. Especially since he has also drawn a line under dairy products, fried foods and wheat flour. A nutritional method that promises, at best weight loss, at least effective stabilization.

According to a study conducted by Imperial College London in 2014, starting with the dessert, which is rich in carbohydrates, allows the brain to better calculate the quantities of glucose needed and therefore avoid overeating. However, this study leaves many health professionals doubtful. “Starting a meal with a sweet food will promote a rapid rise in blood sugar,” they point out. Not being mixed with other foods, the dessert passes very quickly in the blood and, in addition to raising blood sugar, it also encourages snacking in the afternoon,” conclude the dieticians.

In short, if eating “backpedaling” seems to suit Robert Lewandowski, not sure that this method (or fad!) is suitable for most people. So, if you feel like it, take the precaution of consulting your doctor before you start…

* Christophe Brun is a well-being columnist on Michel Cymes' program It's going much better the weekly, the Sunday from 9:15 a.m. to 10 a.m. on RTL.