EC to allocate 8 billion euros to Ukraine – Politico


EC to allocate EUR 8 billion to Ukraine - Politico

Commission seeks approval the European Parliament and EU countries in September so that payments can begin in October. The European Commission has developed a new project of the already promised financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of eight billion euros: five billion will be given as loans, three billion as non-repayable grants. On Friday, August 5, the European edition of Politico reports. The new draft proposal came after Germany refused to provide guarantees to support loans to Ukraine for up to nine billion euros. The new project had to be developed after Germany refused to provide guarantees for granting loans to Ukraine in the amount of up to 9 billion euros. In Berlin, they said that Ukraine already has large debts, so the money should be allocated in the form of grants – as Germany itself did. Also in Germany, they advocated a more equitable distribution of the financial burden and pointed out that some EU countries still refrain from providing assistance to Kyiv. This position was supported by Italy and France, which also provided bilateral assistance, so the European Commission was forced to return to the revision of the plan. According to the source of the publication, the EC is aiming to get the approval of the European Parliament and EU countries in September, so that payments could begin in October.

“The package will include grants that do not need to be returned, as well as loans,” Politico emphasizes.

Last week, the media reported that North Macedonia donated T-72 tanks to Ukraine. The country was armed with 31 units of this armored vehicle.

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