Eco-activists get to the works of Andy Warhol (video)

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  • Environmental activists got to Andy Warhol's works (video)

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  •  Eco-activists reach Andy Warhol's work (video)

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  • Ecoactivists reach Andy Warhol's work (video )


  • Environmental activists got to Andy Warhol's works (video)

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  • Environmental activists got to Andy Warhol's works (video )

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  • Ecoactivists got to Andy Warhol's work (video)

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< p>Environmental activists have reached the works of Andy Warhol (video )

The activists painted a series of 10 paintings with a marker and tried to stick themselves to it.

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Climate activists from the Stop Fossil Fuel Subsidies movement, who oppose the gas, oil and coal industries and try to draw attention to climate issues, have glued themselves to Andy Warhol's “Campbell's Soup Cans” painting at the National Art Gallery of Australia in Canberra, Reuters reports.< /p>

In the video published by the organization, two women can be seen using adhesive tape to stick their hands to the work of the artist, as well as painting a series of 10 paintings with blue markers. Glass saved them from damage.

“Andy Warhol portrayed crazy consumerism in this cult series. And now we have capitalism gone crazy. Families have to choose between drugs and food for their children, while fossil fuel companies are making record profits,” said the protester Bonnie Kassen.

This action is one of a huge series of similar ones that swept around the world. Eco-activists have repeatedly soiled world masterpieces and glued themselves to them in protest against the development of new gas and oil fields.

Thus, in October, eco-activist Phoebe Plummer doused Vincent van Gogh's “Sunflowers” painting in London's National Gallery with tomato soup. The painting itself was behind glass, the soup caused minor damage to the frame.

In London, two activists from the Just Stop Oil movement stained the wax figure of King Charles III in Madame Tussauds with chocolate cake.

There are more and more such actions, and the police began to react accordingly. For example, in the Netherlands, two Belgian environmental activists who doused Jan Vermeer's iconic painting “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in tomato soup during a climate change protest received prison terms. They were sentenced to two months in prison.