Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) in a relationship with Tamara Francesconi, she reveals the details of their meeting and it's unlikely

Tamara Francesconi has revealed the details of her unlikely meeting with Ed Westwick and you may be surprised.

You may not know it but the one who embodies the unforgettable Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl has not been a heart to take for several months now and for good reason, Ed Westwick is in a relationship with the South African model Tamara Francesconi and to believe the revelations of a source who confided in the media The Sun , the actor and the young woman are madly in love. But while we ultimately know very little about their relationship, Tamara played the question and answer game with her community on Instagram and answered the one everyone is asking: how she and Ed Westwick are are they met?

Fans will be surprised to learn that their meeting was no accident, on the contrary! Tamara Francesconi revealed to her followers that the actor had tried his luck by contacting her directly via private message on Instagram : “I will answer this question first because it is the most asked and probably the reason why many of you are following me. He texted me out of the blue saying 'Hi' and I almost fell off my chair. We then chatted for a while and he offered me a date that I supposed to be dinner but instead he took me to a butterfly sanctuary in Mayfair. We then spent the whole day exploring London together and you know the rest . A beautiful story which we can not wait to discover the evolution. Elsewhere in the news, find out what Ed Westwick's first impression was when he met Leighton Meester.

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