Edward Hulewicz passed away in a hospice. The cause of the artist's death is known

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Halina Frąckowiak remembers Edward Hulewicz.

Edward Hulewicz passed away in a hospice. The cause of the artist's death is known

As the “Super Express” portal reminds, Edward Hulewicz died on Sunday, September 4. The singer faced cancer and unfortunately lost this fight. He spent the last moments of his life in a hospice where his relatives accompanied him. His death is a great loss for those who knew and value Hulewicz.

Edward Hulewicz is dead

Although Edward Hulewicz has been struggling with cancer for years. Despite this, he tried to remain professionally and artistically active. His achievements include such hits as “Siała baba mak”, “Za Zdrowie Ladies” and songs “Because I have one life”, which were used in the cult TVP production “Sanatorium of Love”.

The greatest popularity of Hulewicz was in the 60s and 70s of the last century. He was one of the founders of the band Tarpany, in which he was a singer. With time, Halina Frąckowiak and Halina Żytkowiak joined the team. With the former she developed a friendship that lasted for years.

Halina Frąckowiak mentions a friend

The singer revealed that they remained in touch with each other. They called each other and some time ago they even met in person. Frąckowiak revealed in an interview with “Super Express” that one of the topics they discussed during that meeting was the musician's cancer.

“He was sick for quite a long time, but in all this he was full of optimism. M & oacute; he told me that he is in remission and that it is not bad “- revealed Halina Frąckowiak. She added that although she was aware that her friend had a serious illness that could end with his death, it was “difficult to prepare for someone else's death”.

 Edward Hulewicz passed away in a hospice. is the cause of the artist's death

Edward Hulewicz was not only an excellent singer and musician, but also drew and painted.

And how will you remember Edward Hulewicz?

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