Edward Miszczak says goodbye to TVN stars. A photo from the farewell trip was circulated in the media


Edward Miszczak said goodbye to his former colleagues.

 Edward Miszczak says goodbye to the stars of TVN. The photo of the farewell trip was circulated in the media

As the” Pomponik “portal reminds us, some time ago the media heard the news that Edward Miszczak ceases to be TVN's program director. The laconic message that appeared in the case did not reveal the reasons for this decision. No wonder that Miszczak's unexpected departure sparked an avalanche of speculation. Now, the former program director has arranged a meeting with former associates.

Edward Miszczak's unexpected departure

Edward Miszczak has been associated with the TVN station since its inception, contributing to its significant development. The reasons for her departure remain a mystery. In the message, the former program director merely said that it was time for a change in his life.

After the official farewell, Edward Miszczak decided on a less formal way to say goodbye to some of the stars of the station. The meeting took place in one of the pubs located on Warsaw's Plac Zbawiciela. The meeting was attended by journalist Katarzyna Kolenda-Zalewska, who posted a photo of the event on the web.

In the entry, the journalist greeted her friend Monika Olejnik, who, due to the coronavirus infection, could not appear at the meeting with Edward Miszczak. Among the guests there was also Kuba Wojew & oacute; dzki.

Rumors about the departure of Edward Miszczak

The reasons why Edward Miszczak left TVN grew many rumors. There are many indications that Miszczak does not think about retirement, although he is already 67 years old. It says that soon he will start working in a competitive station.

Miszczak would move to Polsat, where he would replace his 76-year-old colleague – Nina Terentiew.

 Edward Miszczak says goodbye to TVN stars. Photo from the farewell trip is circulated in the media

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