Edyta and Łukasz Golc live in a fairy-tale place. What does their home look like


Many people are very envious of those who had the opportunity to live in the mountains.

 Edyta and Łukasz Golców live in a fairy-tale place. What does their house look like

The native mountaineers who live from generation to generation in mountainous areas are characterized by a strong character, stubbornness and explosiveness. Their blood is hot and their love for tradition is great. The Golec UOrkiestra band needs no introduction. It is one of many bands that are still on tour or at other cultural events. Their calendars are filled to the brim with different dates and meetings.

How do Edyta and Łukasz Golc live?

When their professional journeys come to an end, musicians can return home to where rest is with a capital “O”. The mountain areas are not only fresh air, but also a harsh climate and amazing views. The combination of the local areas with traditional mountain houses paints an incredibly fairy-tale picture, the view of which brings relief and relaxation. As reported by Wirtualna Polska, the house of Edyta and Łukasz Golc & oacute; w looks like from a fairy tale.

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Huge, 350 sq m villa, equipped with a balcony overlooking a wonderful view of the Beskids. They can easily take physical activity on their magnificent terrace, while enjoying the fairy-tale views.

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A large garden full of greenery is the perfect place to rest after hard work on the road concert. Most of the furniture in the rooms is in the gothic style in terms of material, as wood dominates there. This makes it cozy there and you will certainly enjoy a much healthier and more effective sleep.

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