Edyta and Łukasz Golcowie are inseparable. Not only at home, but always together on stage


The love story of Łukasz and Edyta Golców.

 Edyta and Łukasz Golcowie are inseparable. Not only at home, but also on stage always together

As reported by the portal” Pomponik “, Edyta and Łukasz Golcowie practically do not part even for a moment. They not only raise three children together, but also perform on stage together. It turns out that the beginnings of their common history were not as idyllic as it might seem. Anyway, see for yourself.

This is how the joint story of Edyta and Łukasz Golec started

Both Edyta and Łukasz Golec have been in love with music for years. Their acquaintance dates back to the time when they both attended the music school in Bielsko-Biała, where they passed each other in the corridors. Then their paths crossed again when they both performed in the band Wierchy. While there were plenty of opportunities for an outburst of affection, for them everything was slow.

Łukasz did not immediately notice Edyta. There were always a lot of ladies around him. However, it was clear that the petite blonde was his type. It was Edyta who took the first step and invited Łukasz to the wedding. When something happened between them, Łukasz decided to go to Germany.

” It confirmed my conviction that he is a womanizer after all and has this not cool the side that he only likes to darken the girl and leave her “- recalled Edyta Golec in an interview for” Plejada “.

It's finally done

Łukasz systematically sent her letters from abroad, assuring her that when they returned to Poland, they would surely meet. He kept his promises. However, if you think that Łukasz Golec has been an example of an ideal boy since then, you are wrong. During his studies, the musician often partied, which made him forget about meeting his beloved.

Finally, Edyta decided to make it clear that either Łukasz takes their relationship seriously or continues to party. Fortunately, Łukasz made the right decision and today you can enjoy the presence of your beloved by your side and their three children. Now they have two decades of marriage behind them and another common years ahead.

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