Edyta Górniak did not hide her indignation at what happened to her in Zakopane. Every door she knocked on was locked. What is going on

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Edyta Górniak did not hide her indignation. What made her feel so strong?

Edyta Górniak did not hide her indignation at what happened to her in Zakopane. All the doors she knocked on were closed What's going on

According to the “Goniec” portal, Edyta Górniak decided to share with her supporters the situation that happened to her. It turns out that the singer could not pray calmly. She did not hide her indignation. What exactly happened?

Controversial views of Edyta Górniak

Although Edyta Górniak has a unique voice, in recent years more has been said about her controversial views than about her vocal talent. Many fans following her profile have even come to the conclusion that their idol has become detached from reality, and her subsequent theories only confirm them.

The diva denied the coronavirus pandemic, pointed out that reptilians and biorobots live among us. Interestingly, Edyta Górniak is able to reconcile faith in reptilians with the Catholic faith. The singer does not hide that faith and prayer are important to her. Unfortunately, the singer has recently met a dispute. She talked about it on social media.

The door is closed to Edyta Górniak

Edyta Górniak wanted to go to church to “pray for all of us, thank you for the grace for us, for giving us a chance of salvation and getting it again and again”. The first temple she reached was closed. The singer decided not to give up and went to the next church.

Unfortunately, disappointment awaited her there as well. “All churches in Zakopane and the surrounding area are closed,” the singer lamented. She did not hide her indignation that temples are closed to the faithful, which surprised her all the more during the holiday season, because in her opinion the doors of temples should be open to those who want to talk to God.

What do you think about the whole situation?

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