Effective and inexpensive means that wash even very dirty dishes


    August 6, 2022, 16:09 | Science and technology

    Coping with dried fat on plates and pans.

    Effective and kopijchani means that even very dirty dishes will be washed

    Dishes in the kitchen are constantly used. Sometimes a lot of it accumulates, sometimes pollution does not want to leave it, informs Ukr.Media.

    All of this seems like a real disaster, something incredible that simply cannot be dealt with. In fact, even dried fat on any plates and pans can be handled.

    A housewife can wash dishes with various means, and can spend a lot of money on them. But this can be avoided if you use simpler, but effective methods of washing dishes.

    Solution of baking soda

    This method will require you to soak the dishes. It should be put in a basin, pour hot water into it. Next, soda should be added to the container at the rate of 3 tablespoons per 1 liter of water.

    The dishes should be left in the solution for an hour or more, after which they should be rubbed with a sponge or a special brush so that the dirt is completely removed.


    Citric acid

    This tool is universal, it can be used to clean various surfaces. It can also be used for washing dishes. It is necessary to simply distribute citric acid on the surface of dirty dishes, leave it there for 20 minutes.

    Then all that remains is to wipe the plates and cups, rinse them with water or wash them with the product in the usual way.

    Dry mustard

    Grandma's and great-grandmother's dishes were washed with this product. It is good not only because it is effective, but also because it is completely natural, it does not harm the dishes and food that will be placed in it. Dissolve a few tablespoons of bitter mustard in a basin of warm water.

    Their amount depends on the degree of soiling of the dishes. Next, you need to put plates, forks, cups in this liquid, keep it there for 1 hour. After that, all the dirt is easily washed away.

    Hydrogen peroxide

    It should be mixed with soda 1 to 1. The resulting composition should be applied on a sponge, and then rub the dishes with it.

    Further, it remains only to rinse the product with water, wipe the dishes dry. It will be clean, it will shine.

    All these means are cheap, but effective. With their help, any dishes can be put in order.


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