Effective mask against dandruff at home


July 26, 2022, 08:05 | Medicine

Folk recipe.

Diyeva mask against dandruff at home

Dandruff is a problem not only aesthetic. It clogs the pores, and as a result, blocks the flow of air to the scalp. Because of this, hair begins to fall out, informs Ukr.Media.

Dandruff is a terribly unpleasant and very inconvenient problem for some, which interferes and is very annoying at the same time, and purchased and advertised means help to deal with dandruff far from everyone. In such cases, you can pay attention to the means that you can make yourself at home from completely available and natural ingredients.

For example, a mask prepared according to the proposed recipe is not only able to provide help in solving the problem of dandruff, but it can also heal the scalp and have a strengthening effect on the hair.

To prepare an anti-dandruff mask, you will need the following list of ingredients: one egg yolk, one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of castor oil and one tablespoon a spoonful of onion juice.

All the necessary ingredients should be thoroughly mixed to the state of a homogeneous emulsion, and then the resulting mixture should be evenly applied to the scalp, dividing the hair into sections. The mask must be applied while vigorously massaging the skin near the roots of the hair.

Next, the head should be covered with cellophane and wrapped in something warm. You need to keep such a mask on your head for quite a long time – at least one or two hours, and after that you need to wash it off thoroughly and wash your head with shampoo. It is also advisable to rinse your hair with something to get rid of the onion smell.


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