EI sickness benefits will increase from 15 to 26 weeks

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Employment Insurance sickness benefits will increase from 15 to 26 weeks

Employment Insurance sickness benefits will increase from 15 to 26 weeks starting December 18.

The federal government announced Friday that the duration of Employment Insurance sickness benefits will soon be increased from 15 to 26 weeks.

In a statement, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough says Canadians who qualify and reapply on or after December 18 will be able to receive up to 26 weeks of Employment Insurance sickness benefits.

The maximum length of unpaid sick leave available to workers in the federally regulated private sector will increase from 17 to 27 weeks, starting December 18, under the Canada Labor Code.

Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits are available to Canadians who must leave work temporarily because of illness, injury or about forty.

The amount of these benefits is set at 55% of the claimant's average weekly insurable earnings, up to a maximum of $638 per week in 2022.

Federal Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough

The National Council of the Unemployed and Unemployed welcomed this major step forward, while recalling that this extension had been announced in the 2021 budget and that it was to be effective last August.

The organization's spokesperson, Pierre Céré, also points out that the duration of these benefits had not changed since the introduction of this component in the program in 1971.

Mr. Céré maintains that this change in Ottawa is the result of several years of mobilization of multiple civil society actors, and paves the way for the continuous improvement of this aspect of employment insurance towards x27;target 50 weeks of benefits.

The Liberals promised during the last election campaign, in 2021, to modernize the employment insurance system.

They are committed to expanding the program to cover the self-employed and address gaps in the system, including those highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.< /p>

Since August 2021, the government has carried out two phases of consultations on the reform of employment insurance.

The Liberals have not said when this reform will take place, but Minister Qualtrough has already said the government will present by the end of this year its long-term plan for the future of Employment Insurance.

Pierre Céré stresses that Friday's announcement does not replace the reform of the long-awaited employment insurance, which should be presented, according to government signals, at the beginning of December.

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