Eight simple symptoms that point to cancer

Often it happens that we thoughtlessly ignored the symptoms, indicating the emergence of a dangerous disease.

Девять простых симптомов, которые указывают на онкологию

Cancer the same as others have their symptoms – it is important not to miss them. The cancer can be determined using a variety of tests and a serious diagnosis. And it is possible to listen to your body and time to raise the alarm. Note nine symptoms, “floating on the surface”, indicating cancer.

Chronic fatigue

All of our stressful and hectic life does not gives us health. But it happens that fatigue develops into a chronic state when the recover does not help either sleep or vacation – this is the alarm bell of the body. It is important to know that fatigue that does not resolve with sleep can be a symptom of leukemia (blood cancer), colon cancer or stomach cancer.

Unexplained weight loss

And this symptom, which is often ignored can be a sign of cancer. While you are sought to this effect – not exhausting yourself diets and not disappear for hours in the gym — losing weight is really inexplicable. Sometimes that is manifested as cancer of the esophagus, lung, pancreas, or stomach.


If a sustained feeling of pain in the back persists for a long time and not removed with standard medications, it can be a symptom of colon cancer or ovarian. Bone cancer or eggs usually accompanied by aching and sharp pains in the early stages of development.

Lumps under the skin

Such formation under the skin can indicate a possible cancer of the breast or testicles. Such lumps can appear in the soft tissues in almost any area of the body. If you find one or a group of such lumps should see a doctor. Detection of cancer initiatives at an early stage is successfully treated.

Leg swelling

This symptom can be a potential cause for concern. If this symptom is accompanied by vaginal discharge, it may be a sign of cervical cancer.

White spots in the mouth

This often happens to men and is known as leukoplakia. This is attributed to the results of the use of all forms of tobacco. Leukoplakia is a precancerous condition that is manifested in different white spots in the mouth and gums.

Changes on the surface of the skin

Any freckle, wart, mole, any color or shape that suddenly appeared on your skin and is accompanied by itching, should be a Wake-up call to become the object of attention. It could be melanoma because of excessive exposure to the sun.

Changing habits using the toilet

When you start to run “small need” less often or more often than before — this may be an early stage prostate or bladder.
Also, the presence of blood in the urine or stool is a serious symptom. Bloody diarrhea indicates possible colon cancer.

The lengthening of the recovery process

If you have a long time kept, albeit low temperature, it can be a warning sign of potential danger – the cancer of lymphoma and leukemia when the immune system comes to grip with the virus, and fights hard enough, causing fever and a long disease process.

Do not be careless is death more real than you imagine. And if you don’t care about yourself, at least have pity on loved ones people for whom your care will be a painful doom.

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