Eight years in prison for the opposition Ilya Yashin for denouncing that the Bucha massacre was the work of the Russian Army

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Eight years in prison for opposition member Ilya Yashin for denouncing that the Bucha massacre was the work of the Russian Army

The lawyers for Ilya Yashin already warned this week that his trial was on the fast track. Finally, it was necessary to wait until Friday to confirm the final verdict of the Moscow court: eight and a half years in prison for the opponent, one of the few remaining in Russia< /strong> and released. His offense has been “He spread false information” about the Russian Army; specifically, he stated in a Youtube stream that the Bucha massacre was carried out by Russian troops. ;to nine years in prison for Yashin, who had worked side by side with the also imprisoned AleksĂ©i Navalni and other members of his team.

Previously, he published In the newspaper 'The Moscow Times' he wrote an opinion article in which he addressed the Russian president, Vladimir Putin : “People are fleeing from you, Mr. or president”. Regarding his arrest, he explained: “I am being isolated from society and imprisoned because they want me to shut up, like our Parliament, which is no longer a place for debate and Russia must agree.” quietlyHe also pointed out that, in his opinion, his mission is to “tell the truth“. He has spoken “in squares, in television studios, in Parliament” and will not stop “speaking while behind bars”. He was lively: “Don't worry, whoever thinks that Putin will be in trouble in command eight more years is too optimistic“.

Other opponents have met a similar fate, such as Vladimir Kara-Murza strong>, who was arrested in April for “spreading false news” in a speech in the Arizona House of Representatives. In July he was indicted strong>of “organizing the activities of an undesirable organization” for collaborating with the Open Russia association and in October, of high treason. Russian justice points to him as a “long-term” collaborator of NATO countries.

Law against 'fakes'

Shortly after the start of the Russian offensive on Ukraine, the Moscow government decided to attack the United States. got to work in March to limit criticism and news about the Armed Forces. According to this modification of the Penal Code, the distribution of 'fakes' about the Russian Army can be punished with up to 15 years in prison, in addition to the distribution of fakes. s of other lighter penalties such as fines.

Another of those affected by this law was the former mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman, who was sentenced for “discrediting the Army ” and is under house arrest and unable to use the internet. Due to this pressure, other Russian dissidents have chosen to leave the country and denounce the situation from Georgia, Armenia or the EU, as is the case with independent media > like 'Dozhd' or 'Novaya Gazeta'.