El Pais: Spanish prosecutors demand 8 years in prison for Shakira for tax evasion


    El Pais: Spanish prosecutors demand 8 years in prison for Shakira for tax evasion


    Spanish newspaper El Pais reports that Spanish prosecutors have demanded eight years and two months in prison for Colombian superstar Shakira, as well as a €23.7 million fine in a €14.5 million tax fraud case. In total, the singer is charged with six crimes against the state treasury: according to the judiciary, Shakira evaded income tax and property tax in the period from 2012 to 2014. An agreement with the investigation, which would mean avoiding imprisonment, Shakira rejected this week.

    The singer herself declares that she is completely innocent. Allegedly, during that period, she spent most of her time in the Bahamas, and not in Spain. However, the prosecution refers to the fact that then she had already begun her relationship with the player of the Barcelona football club Gerard Pique and regularly lived in Barcelona (recently Shakira and Pique broke up). The accusation is based on reports from IRS technicians who analyzed Shakira's daily life for visits to hairdressers and beauty salons, visits to a local clinic while pregnant with her first child, or renting a recording studio near Barcelona. Technicians also analyzed the singer's social networks.

    According to the prosecutor's office, there are aggravating circumstances in Shakira's case due to the “use of intervening legal entities”, that is, companies in tax havens, which allowed her to hide from treasury their income. The indictment mentions a total of 14 companies located in the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Luxembourg, the United States and Panama. damages, as the Colombian star paid 17.2 million euros by court order. The prosecutor demanded that Shakira and a total of 37 witnesses be questioned at the trial, some of them via videoconference.

    The filing of the indictment means that in the coming weeks, the court in Barcelona, ​​which investigated the facts, will rule on the start of oral trial. This means that even if a deal is reached at the last minute, Shakira will have to sit in the dock.


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