El Periódico Podcast: By 2024 iPhones will charge the same as Androids

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El Periódico Podcast: By 2024 iPhones will charge just like Androids

The European Union determined A few days ago, by the year 2024, all mobile devices could only be recharged with USB type C connectors; that is, in the way that almost all mobile phones with Android technology are loaded. The resolution is official and there is no going back.

The technology that Apple uses and that already charges its iPads and laptops with USB Type-C connectors will need to be upgraded. to adapt to charging your popular iPhones with this type of connector… or do them all wirelessly.

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In today's episode they have collaborated: Pilar Enériz, journalist from El Periódico specialized in technology

Idea and supervision: Iosu de la Torre.

Editing and realization: Sergi Mas.

Sound design: Cadena Pirenaica.

Recording studio: Manolita Studios.

Voiceover: Mercè Torrents.