El Periódico podcast: Elon Musk's management at the head of Twitter

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The El Periódico podcast: Elon Musk's management of Twitter

to provide a payment platform for its users: this is the main objective with which Elon Musk, owner of the platform since last April, for which he paid more than 41,000 million dollars. 

This social network is located in the 15th place in terms of number of users, reaching 436 million. The first is Facebook, with 2,910. And they follow Instagram, Youtube, Whastapp and Snapchat, among others.

The journalist from El Peri&ódico Carles Planas Bou offers us data and puts us on the table of the figures and objectives of the millionaire.

But stop. Twitter will still have its free version, but with fewer advantages than the well-known Twitter Blue, which will cost more. 7.99 euros per month. In this, users who want to pay the monthly subscription will become the only ones who can have the blue 'tick' for account verification – a feature that until now they had public figures, renowned businessmen, celebrities, journalists and the media, among others.

Another of the distinctions that will make Twitter Blue is that your subscribers will receive fewer ads and be able to post longer videos and audios than usual. Learn more about the changes and proposals that will be implemented by the company. Musk on Twitter coming up on today's podcast.

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