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Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

Claim à body and &agrav; cry by many players, the first DLC for Elden Ring is released this Friday, June 21. We were able to try it out in preview and our death counter only equals our satisfaction.

Elden Ring made you suffer ? Screamé ? Cryé ? Your nerves are therefore ready for the release of "Shadow of the Erdtree", the first DLC of the game of the year 2022 which is being released finally this Friday, June 21. Centered around the characters of the demi-God Miquella and Mesmer the Impaler, this additional content will prove to be a real success. both very rich, but & the condition of letting it unfold its multiple propositions.

We were able to experience the "Shadow of the Erdtree" for more than a dozen hours to offer you our first impressions of the first DLC for Elden Ring. Discover our preview test.

Editor's note: This review was completed by fully realizedé à based on a test code delivered to you by the publisher. We were able to play around 15 hours of the DLC with a character at a level between 130 and 150. This preview will be updated later. day as &agrav; extent of our exploration of the DLC.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

Light on the kingdom of shadows

In order to access the « Shadow of the Erdtree» DLC, you will need to come to the game. end of Mohg, lord of blood, who was until now only an optional boss in the base game. If you already have defeated the latter, you should know that he had a cocoon in which was the supposed remains of the demigod Miquella. It is this cocoon that allows access to additional content and transports your character to the realm of shadows.

Composed of (very) multiple biomes, the Shadow Realm is clearly distinct from the Underworld that you explored in the base game. This DLC allows you to reshuffle the cards by offering content that is very different and offers many elements of response to the Elden Ring Lore that surrounds the character of Miquella. Fans of the story of the base game will not be disoriented. “Shadow of the Erdtree” is teeming with winks and references to Elden Ring and several story elements that were left hanging until now. Without spoiling too much more, “Shadow of the Erdtree” will allow you to learn much more about characters you thought you already knew, but also to understand new ones with passives and motivations where how interesting.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

The realm of shadows proves anything but welcoming. © Bandai Namco

From Software has always mastered the art of storytelling and continues to prove it to us with this DLC. Claws on the surrounding trees ?  Snoring of a beast & the disproportionate size in the distance ? Lightning bolts that slash the sky ? So many audible and visual indicators with which "Shadow of the Erdtree" plays to perfect its narration and increase the tension. The numerous encounters with the enemies of the DLC are often synonymous with fear, stress, but also admiration in the face of the new designs specially created for this content additional. Fans of the morbid, the terrifying or the sublime, you will undoubtedly be delighted when faced with what is happening. the plethora of new enemies that litter your journey through the realm of shadows. From Software succeeds perfectly in this task. combine insignificant – even grotesque – enemies with more imposing ones that will mark your spirits (and your nerves) for a long time.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

The new enemies in this DLC are as impressive as they are formidable. © Bandai Namco

Side landscapes, Elden Ring has left its mark with its now emblematic places. Whether it is the ruins of Farum Azula or the capital of Leyndell, the base game multiplied the original locations which amazed many players during their game. "Shadow of the Erdtree" is also not stingy with new areas to explore. explore. The new map of the kingdom of shadows is very vast and includes, & the image of the inter-earth, several underground strata and heights above. discover.

The realm of shadows is vast and has several layers à discover

The different areas that make up « Shadow of the Erdtree » mostly consist of large open play areas or dungeons/castles that are more restrictive in your movement options. Whether it's a large plain filled with the graves of ancient soldiers or a devastated castle, it's a great place to explore. by the war, the new environments available in this DLC once again demonstrate a great mastery in the art that From Software à combine storytelling and exploration. The places visited are rich in details and we are talking about aesthetics as well as elements of lore.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

The Kingdom of Shadows is full of new places with striking designs. © Bandai Namco

Mausoleums also make a comeback in this DLC, allowing you to “pause” the main story of “Shadow of the Erdtree” to tackle these small dungeons that contain a boss and a reward at the end. While these mausoleums are still fairly simplistic in their level design, they are sure to provoke some serious anger from players due to the traps they offer.

And maybe that’s where it came from. the biggest criticism that could be drawn from « Shadow of the Erdtree ». While many of the settings remain magnificent, the first hours of the DLC appear to be generally uninspired, and what seems to you to be a great An open area generally hides a single real, very thick path. More enclosed areas such as dungeons and castles do not mark as much as some areas of the base game and will not be remembered. "Shadow of the Erdtree" takes its time to unfold its ambitions, and you will have to hang on a little before admiring the most sublime settings and enemies of the DLC. If the first hours of play prove to be quite standard, it is after 4-5 hours that the new features of this additional content will have you hammered your screenshot key.

You'll have to hang on a bit before admiring the most sublime scenery and enemies in "Shadow of the Erdtree"

Gameplay that expands once again

You found that Elden Ring offered a lot of original fighting styles and weapons ? From Software decided to do this. to spoil you before Christmas by offering no less than eight new types of weapons with original movements. It is thus possible to specialize in shouting or perfumer techniques, to twirl with a light claymore or even to become a master of martial arts by striking your attack enemies with punch and air kick combos. You are obviously not obliged to do so. to change your fighting style and keep the one you already have. in the base game, but the enemies of « Shadow of the Erdtree » don't fail to give you demonstrations of the new builds available.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

You and I know very well that this door is not a good sign. © Bandai Namco

These new enemies will also be at the heart of your greatest moments of joy (and frustration) for this DLC. « Shadow of the Erdtree » adds a number of new enemies: ghosts, warriors, giant scorpions, mosquito man, chimera lion… So many encounters which will sometimes repel you with disgust, but which prove fascinating as each opponent benefits from their own attacks and abilities and therefore from dangers à apprehend.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

Just a taste of the scares you'll experience next week. overcome during this DLC. © Bandai Namco

With all these new weapons and enemies à face, "Shadow of the Erdtree" offers a difficulty enhanced. We were able to try out the DLC with a level 130 character, and it was no small amount of fun. This is why we recommend that you tackle your problem instead. « Shadow of the Erdtree » with a character around level 150. In addition to your character's level, this DLC introduces a new mechanic to improve your skills: blessings. ;nbsp;These latter are è found almost everywhere in the kingdom of shadows and allow you to increase your character's statistics. However, they are scattered all over the place. through the DLC and only valid in the latter. A means for characters who are a little in difficulty; to catch up to face the bosses of « Shadow of the Erdtree » which should keep you busy for several hours full of sweat and difficulty.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

Blessings allow you to improve your character, but only within the DLC. © Bandai Namco

Bosses as anecdotal as they are iconic

If there's one point where From Software games shine, it's their boss encounters. Many players have had nightmares about the knight Artorias from Dark Souls 1, Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne or, more recently, Malenia from Elden Ring. Without spoiling the multiple surprises relating to the bosses of the DLC (and there are some!), the bosses of « Shadow of the Erdtree » oscillate between the iconic confrontation which will amaze you and the much more classic or even insipid combat which is a simple formality.

Understand: when From Software wants to impress its players, the company does well. For more anecdotal encounters, unfortunately, we will quickly forget their interest other than to progress in the DLC. The first bosses encountered during “Shadow of the Erdtree” express this concern well. After 3-4 hours of games, we were able to play games. three different bosses, one of which is mandatory to progress in the story. The first two have original techniques, but which we will quickly forget to concentrate on the main plot of the DLC. The obligatory boss, if you don't want to be spoiled, has already been killed. été seen many times throughout the trailers for « Shadow of the Erdtree ». It is an immense, large-scale creature. lion head capable of jumping on you and alternating between the elements of wind, lightning and ice to attack you. A mix of weather with original gameplay that requires you to play. approach the boss in multiple ways, but which we will not remember for very long compared to à other clashes further away in the DLC.

Elden Ring review - Shadow of the Erdtree: for a few more deaths

The boss encounter locations are still as neat as ever. © Bandai Namco

Stick to it these first clashes to judge the quality from "Shadow of the Erdtree" However, this would be a serious mistake. As mentionedé above, this DLC is fully revealed as the game progresses. measure of your discoveries. During our dozen hours of testing, we were able to admire ' Several times extremely difficult bosses, but also where how sublime in their approach, their design and their soundtrack. If Malenia scored many players with Elden Ring, "Shadow of the Erdtree" also has many competitors to haunt your games and multiply your death counter.

Our conclusion to the review of "Elden Ring – Shadow of the Erdtree"

You will understand it à reading these few lines: "Shadow of the Erdtree" is particularly successful. Fans of the base game will be in heaven discovering the kingdom of shadows and exploring its locations too diverse and multiple. From Software marks another big blow by unveiling unique localizations that will give you a few "wow" of surprise and wonder.

The bestiary is not to be outdone. "Shadow of the Erdtree" delicately balanced between small anecdotal enemies and other much more frightening and repulsive threats. Players will have to learn à analyze the new behaviors of the DLC enemies in order to get out of them, and they have no shortage of new mechanics to play with. apprehend.

We will unfortunately not mention the lifespan of the DLC in this first publication. Having only been able to experience this additional content for a dozen hours, we were only able to defeat two major enemies out of the entire game. added to the title. We therefore believe that "Shadow of the Erdtree" has a very solid duration if you want to approach it in a straight line. Add ' This includes new NPC quests and related locations. discover and unlock, and the 40 euros claimed at your disposal. The purchase is most likely worth it. We will not fail to put this article à day as &agrav; measure of our progress.

However, "Shadow of the Erdtree" doesn't really achieve perfection. The DLC takes time to complete. settled in and his first hours turned out to be quite conventional. It is only by insisting a little that players will be able to gradually improve their skills. little one to discover the sublime of this additional content, whether it be its settings, enemies and revelations.

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