Elected officials seeking solutions to the housing crisis in Quebec


Elected officials seeking solutions to the housing crisis in Quebec

The Mayor of Laval, Stéphane Boyer, and the Mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, announced the holding of a summit on housing on August 26 in Laval in order to find solutions to the housing crisis. housing.

Parliamentary and local elected officials reacted to the recent study by the Regroupement des Comités Logement et Associations de Tenants du Québec (RCLAQ) on the soaring prices of rents in the province. While some criticize the actions of the Legault government, others are trying to find solutions.

In its report released on Saturday, the RCLAQ indicated that rental prices in Quebec had jumped 9% between 2021 and 2022, for an average of $1,300 per unit (all sizes combined).< /p>

For Québec solidaire co-spokesperson Manon Massé, this is a sign that the CAQ [Coalition avenir Québec] has failed [in its policy] on housing and housing. The solidarity deputy believes that the government of François Legault has broken its promises to finance the construction of 15,000 social and affordable housing units. Of the 15,000 promised housing units, about half have been completed, Ms. Massé said at a press conference in downtown Montreal.

Funding for 500 new units through the Accès logis program have been announced, but these are still not under construction.

For four years, the CAQ has been asked to invest in social and community housing, but it does not do so, she said.

It is not ;It's not just about building housing, but also making it affordable for tenants, she said.

“It's building in Montreal , there is no shortage of condos, but families cannot pay. »

— Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

The situation is all the more worrying because on July 1 [moving day for many people in Quebec], many families will find themselves in unsanitary housing or housing that costs up to 85% of their income. , indicated the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, who believes that the CAQ impoverishes the tenants of Quebec, which is unacceptable in a rich society like ours.

Ms. Massé urges the Legault government to take out the checkbook without hesitation, as it did during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The solution n It's not complicated, you have to build [housing] and to build, you have to take out money. »

— Manon Massé, co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire

The co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire also calls on the government to have control over rents by adopting a price cap system.

She also attacked the renovictions, which she considers a tragedy in Quebec. These are unacceptable and immoral practices that the government must put an end to, she concluded.

Quebec Minister responsible for Canadian Relations, Sonia LeBel, expressed concern about the housing crisis. She says that Quebec has already accepted certain concessions with the aim of speeding up discussions with Ottawa for the financing of social and affordable housing.

What can and should municipalities do in the face of rising rents and the erosion of purchasing power in the real estate market? The mayoress of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, and the mayor of Laval, Stéphane Boyer, are proposing possible solutions in anticipation of a major housing summit on August 26.

The Mayor of Longueuil, Catherine Fournier, and the Mayor of Laval, Stéphane Boyer, announced on Monday that a housing summit will be held on August 26 in Laval to find solutions to the housing crisis. accommodation.

We see it everywhere in Quebec, everywhere the price of housing is exploding, it takes a great deal of consultation to stop the soaring prices of rents, launched Ms. Fournier, who had by her side Mr. Boyer.

This summit will bring together 300 people in Laval. The mayors of major cities in Quebec, including Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Sherbrooke and Saguenay, will also attend the summit, said Mayor Boyer.

Representatives of major municipal associations such as the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ), the Quebec Federation of Municipalities (FQM) and the Montreal Metropolitan Community (CMM), entrepreneurs and academics will also take part in this summit.

“Everyone from Quebec municipalities will be reunited at the next summit. It's already a victory […] to be able to collaborate. »

— Stéphane Boyer, Mayor of Laval

It will be a question of exploring avenues to achieve innovative solutions to the housing crisis, said Mr. Boyer. Thus, the debates will focus on three categories of solutions, indicated the mayor of Laval.

The first category is land, therefore the way of access land at a cheaper price; the second will deal with the regulation of rental prices and their control; and the third concerns the financial package to achieve affordable housing prices.

The solutions that will emerge from this summit will be implemented in a short time, said Ms. Fournier, who believes that the housing crisis [in Quebec] is worrying.


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