Election campaign: Rouyn-Noranda unveils its priorities | Elections Quebec 2022

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Election campaign: Rouyn-Noranda unveils its priorities | &Elections Québec 2022

Rouyn-Noranda City Hall.

The City of Rouyn-Noranda unveils the requests it deems priorities for the next provincial elections.

The most important file that concerns the municipal council remains the Horne Foundry and the citizens' health.

The municipality wants future elected officials to be more demanding of the Glencore company in order to get it to reduce its emissions of contaminants into the air in order to reach the environmental standards in force.


“In terms of health, we asked for a comprehensive plan on the health of citizens. So we are counting on the candidates to bring this file to the next government.

— Mayor Diane Dallaire.

We are also talking about recruitment at the Cancer Center, there is a lack of manpower, it takes solid actions for the recruitment of health workers. In terms of the environment, we are really asking for standards to be met for all metals. For arsenic we heard 15, but the company needs to do even more. Soil decontamination is a major issue and moreover there will be work soon, adds the mayor.

Diane Dallaire, Mayor of Rouyn-Noranda

The City also wishes that the candidates speak out on other issues such as attracting and retaining the workforce, housing and child care spaces, and the Mining Innovation Zone.

In addition to health and the environment, funding for rural roads is among the City Council's demands to candidates.

To correct historical error for rural road maintenance funding. Paracerque since the merger, we are seriously penalized. By way of comparison, we receive about $345,000 and there are certain RCMs that receive nearly $3 million. So we send that formally to the candidates, specifies Diane Dallaire.

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