Election campaign: Silence surrounding culture can 'chill your spine'

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Election Campaign: The Silence Surrounding Culture Can “Keep Your Backs Cold”

Since the start of the election campaign, themes such as culture have been rather under the radar.

Olivier Arteau, artistic director and co-director general of Le Trident, notes the extent of the damage post-pandemic everywhere in the theaters of Quebec. He admitted that the low presence of cultural subjects during the election campaign “can give us chills” in an interview with Midi Info.

Author, actor and playwright, Olivier Arteau believes that there are essential subjects in politics such as the environment or the health network. What saddens him is that the economy comes before culture.

So it is to address society as consumers rather than individuals who compose it. That is maybe the part that I find sad, because the absence of culture is the absence of identity, it is the x27;absence of voice is the absence of human beings, downright.

“The economy is what we have, while culture is what we are made of. »

— Olivier Arteau, Artistic Director and Co-General Manager of Le Trident

The addition of school outings, however, is one of the promises that caught his attention. We will finally add curious futures in relation to culture. […] The collateral effect of a school trip can have huge spin-offs, which is great.

Olivier Arteau, new artistic director and joint general manager of the Théâtre du Trident.

Other laudable proposals, according to him, are massive investments at Télé-Québec, in particular to create new digital content.

It's still a somewhat Montreal- centrist, very focused on digital, on platforms. But what we do, living art… What do we do with painters? What do we do with dance performers? […] I find that it's really to drastically reduce everything from culture to digital platforms […], that can upset a large part of the artists.

Among the issues related to culture, Olivier Arteau also mentions the integration of newcomers into this environment.

I recently met a man who is a taxi driver and who left Vancouver because it was too expensive to come and live in Quebec. And this man, in two years, has never visited a single cultural institution.

He considers this a sign that there is none not enough and that it is not very visible for newcomers.

Olivier Arteau's interview on the place of culture in the electoral campaign on the show Midi info

Olivier Arteau also wonders if culture costs people too much, especially with inflation.

Can we reduce the cost ticket? […] I imagine that going to the theater, if you have heartbreaking choices to make in other areas, it may not be the priority.

He mentions that tax credits for all in relation to culture could be a possible solution.

On September 23, the Council Québécois du Théâtre will publish the results of a questionnaire that was sent to the parties. It will be a valuable document for voters.

“Let's talk about culture”: the world of the arts in Quebec challenges party leaders

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