Election Campaign: The Media Space Monopolized by Big City Leaders | Elections Quebec 2022

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Election campaign : the media space monopolized by the leaders of the big cities | Élections Quebec 2022

Alma Mayor Sylvie Beaumont

Two weeks before the provincial election, the mayoress of Alma comes to a sad conclusion.

Sylvie Beaumont is sorry to see that elected municipal officials in the regions have been struggling to make their demands heard since the start of the electoral race in Quebec , even if there is a real convergence in terms of their concerns.

Ms. Beaumont points out that when she has the opportunity to talk to her counterparts, she realizes that their concerns are almost always the same. Just like her, her interlocutors care about manpower, housing, finances and infrastructure, she lists.

If the voices of these politicians are rarely heard, it is because the leaders of large cities take up a lot of space in the media, analyzes the Mayor of Alma.

The elected officials of the smallest towns must therefore struggle in a major way to hope to get their messages across, she laments. Sylvie Beaumont feels no discomfort at the idea of ​​having to fight such battles publicly.

However, she has the firm intention of remaining very discreet with regard to her personal electoral choice. . Ms. Beaumont does not intend to show her preference for a particular candidate at all between now and the October 3 ballot.

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