Elections in Matane‒Matapédia: Marie-Phare Boucher at the Candidates' Tournament | Elections Quebec 2022

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Éelections in Matane‒Matapédia: Marie-Phare Boucher at the Candidates Tournament | ÉQuebec 2022 Elections

During the election campaign, each candidate in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Gaspé, Bonaventure and Matane‒Matapédia ridings is invited to present their vision of local issues as well as their proposals and commitments to find solutions.

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QS candidate Marie-Phare Boucher makes local agriculture one of her top priorities.

This is the second that Marie-Phare Boucher has defended the values ​​of Québec solidaire in the riding of Matane-Matapédia.

A biologist, Ms. Boucher works for a small company in Mitis which exploits non-timber forest products. I do a bit of everything, I pick, I do processing, I do packaging, administration, management, accounting, geomatics, specifies the candidate .

Marie-Phare Boucher has opted for voluntary simplicity and lives on a farmhouse in Saint-Donat with her two young children. I make my yogurt, my bread, my kombucha.

His community involvement is in line with his interests in food self-sufficiency and local agriculture. I realized during the pandemic that we were really dependent on our logistics transport systems , comments Marie-Phare Boucher.

His big challenge now is to clear his land which has been neglected for the past two decades.

She is also a co-founder of the Seed Cabinet project, which aims to promote seed exchanges between the citizens of Mitis.

When she is not taking care of her animals, Marie-Phare Boucher goes swimming, but she admits, caring for animals brings her a lot of comfort: I do sheep therapy!

The Québec solidaire candidate in the riding of Matane—Matapédia —Métis owns a small farmhouse in Saint-Donat, in La Mitis (file photo).

For the single mother, the fight against poverty is a subject that particularly affects her, having herself had to resort to food banks to get through a difficult period last spring.

It is Québec solidaire's social project as a whole that attracts him. Give back to others, she says. The candidate calls herself a separatist. We want to have a say on the immigrants who come here, we want to have a say on the registration of pesticides, on ourselves, on our own issues.

Marie-Phare Boucher is a whole woman who applies the principles of food autonomy even in her leisure time. Every fall, she goes moose hunting on the family lots. No matter the outcome of the election, you will find me in a watch in October!

There are currently only two days allocated by labor standards for illness or family responsibilities. For me, these two days have been exhausted for a very long time, says the QS candidate.

Proposals and commitments:

    < li>Increase the number of family leaves from two to ten;
  • Eliminate the sales tax on several essential products such as soaps, shampoos, over-the-counter medications;
  • Review Hydro-Québec rates;
  • Increase financial support for community organizations, particularly those providing food assistance.

“This is really a topic close to my heart. It's what drives my life every day. »

— Marie-Phare Boucher, candidate for Québec solidaire in Matane-Matapédia

Proposals and commitments:

    < li>Introduce a local purchasing policy so that the plates of our institutions such as hospitals, CHSLDs, CPEs can contain 70% Quebec content;
  • Set up a poultry slaughterhouse in Eastern Quebec;
  • Develop school farms in schools so that children know where food comes from.

QS wants to establish a local purchasing policy for public institutions such as schools and hospitals (file photo).

Our demography has increased in recent years. The pandemic has helped, but it's a trend that was already there, comments Ms. Boucher.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Betting on the presence of small CPEs between 8 and 20 places in the villages to attract young families;
  • Develop home health care so that the elderly can stay in the region as long as possible;
  • Provide financial support for caregivers.

We need a reliable boat, a boat that will truly provide a link between our two shores. We do not need a 3rd link, underlines Ms. Boucher.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Improving intercity transport services;
  • Supporting the network local public transport;
  • Reduce the price of public transport tickets;
  • Improve the regional network of electric charging stations;
  • Develop the car-sharing network.

“We would like to ensure better support for small municipalities so that they can make their own decisions. »

— Marie-Phare Boucher, Québec solidaire candidate in Matane-Matapédia

Proposals and commitments:

    < li>Diversify municipal revenue sources;
  • Reduce municipalities' dependence on property taxes;
  • Increase royalties from natural resource exploitation companies.

For the candidate, the micro CPE model, proposed by QS is a central element, likely to attract young families to the villages.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Create micro CPEs in the villages;
  • Revise the rules of the Commission de protection du territoire agricole to allow more flexibility for small farms;
  • Subsidize the reclamation of fallow land.

“Last I heard, the mouth is still a part of people's bodies. »

— Marie-Phare Boucher, Québec solidaire candidate in Matane-Matapédia

Proposals and commitments:

    < li>Establish universal dental insurance;
  • Decentralize the health system;
  • Develop better access to mental health services.

“We don't want any more service disruptions at the Matane hospital, whether in surgery or obstetrics”

— Marie-Phare Boucher, Quebec solidaire candidate in Matane- Matapedia

Renewable Energy

We have a great wealth: it is the wind. It sells in tabarouette in Bas-Saint-Laurent, argues the solidarity candidate.

Proposals and commitments:

Increase the number of partnerships between municipalities and wind developers;

Increase the budget and access to energy improvement programs such as RénoRégions;

Improve the charging station network.


Proposals and commitments:

  • Raise immigration thresholds;
  • Regionalise immigration;
  • Improve working conditions in the public sector;
  • Abolish placement agencies and compulsory overtime (TSO) in health care;
  • Improve the ratio between patients and caregivers.

“We want the public system to become the best employer for our caregivers. We want to keep our nurses and our orderlies. »

— Marie-Phare Boucher, candidate for Québec solidaire in Matane-Matapédia

QS wants to abolish employment agencies and the TSO in hospitals (file photo).

This is a real and present problem, even in our regions, notes Ms. Boucher.

Proposals and commitments: < /strong>

  • Prohibit evictions for renovation;
  • Build 50,000 social housing units in the province;
  • Regulate Airnb-type rentals;< /li>
  • Make bids transparent to avoid overbidding.

This text has been formatted from two interviews conducted (one on-air and one off-air) with the candidate who had to speak in 60 seconds on each of the themes submitted.

To listen to the #x27;Interview of Marie-Phare Boucher at Bon Pied, early

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