Elections in Matane‒Matapédia: Alexandre Leblanc at the Candidates' Tournament | Elections Quebec 2022

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Éelections in Matane‒Matapédia: Alexandre Leblanc at the candidates tournament | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

During the election campaign , each candidate in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Gaspé, Bonaventure and Matane‒Matapédia ridings is invited to present their vision of local issues as well as their proposals and commitments to reach solutions.

Alexandre Leblanc, director of the Ciné-Centre in Sept-Îles, was an early PCQ activist (file photo).

The candidate of the Conservative Party of Quebec did not wait for the arrival of Éric Duhaime to join the right-wing political formation. He is a candidate in Duplessis in 2018. He defines himself as an early activist.

He joined the party at the time of Adrien Pouliot who was party leader from 2013 to 2021. When Éric Duhaime said that we went from 500 members to 60 000, I was in the first 500.

It was therefore to a call from the party that he responded by presenting himself as a candidate in Matane-Matapédia, even if he lives in Sept-Îles where he is from.

Alexandre Leblanc, has a training in fire safety. He worked for the City of Sept-Îles for a long time, notably as a firefighter from 2001 to 2012. He was also a security guard on several North Shore construction sites.

After spending a few years in Quebec, where he started a family, he returned to Sept-Îles in 2020. The PCQ candidate is now director of the Ciné-Centre in Sept-Iles.

The Conservative Party candidate in Matane-Matapédia, Alexandre Leblanc, who lives in Sept-Îles , believes that a candidate from outside the region can offer a fresh perspective on local issues.

Father of two children who attend primary school, the pandemic has been difficult to get through, admits Mr. Leblanc. Like his leader, he criticizes the management of the pandemic. Among other things, he believes that the vaccination campaign should have been entrusted to the private sector. It was chaotic as management, he comments.

Lifeguard, swimming instructor, Alexandre Leblanc relaxes in the pool.

When I heard about the aquatic basin in Matane, it touched me, comments the PCQ candidate.

Otherwise, some may have heard him in a karaoke bar singing The Fire in Rioby Sacha Distel. The years as a firefighter that brought The Fire to Rio, I have several others too, underlines Mr. Leblanc.

His commitment to the Conservative Party of Quebec comes from his faith in the freedom of individuals. Alexandre Leblanc firmly believes that reducing state intervention will lead people to develop their autonomy.

Food autonomy

During his time at Radio-Canada, the candidate arrived in the riding to campaign there. I visited, the constituency, he said, and until now what I have discovered the local products, we can find wine, spirits, berries, seafood and my tour is not yet complete.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Ensure that all citizens can eat.

We must prevent rather than cure, believes Mr. Leblanc. Physical inactivity is a serious problem in our Western society. This problem has worsened considerably over the past two years, notably due to the outgoing government's unjustified confinement measures.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Remove the QST from membership fees for sports activities and the gym;
  • Give a tax credit of $500 for gym membership fees and sports activities;
  • Decentralize the system of health care provision;
  • Use the private sector to make health care provision more accessible.

Before talking about renewable energy, above all, talking about energy waste, underlines Mr. Leblanc. Hydroelectricity, obviously renewable energy and it is clean energy and in large quantities. On the other hand, shedding water when the tanks are full is a waste of energy. How to store this energy rather than wasting it? This is a great challenge for Quebec engineering.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Put in place targeted incentives to save energy and reward informed consumers;
  • Storing renewable energy such as hydroelectricity;
  • Exporting electricity without compromising the daily lives of Quebecers.

According to data from Élections Québec, private households with 2 or more people, the median income in the riding of Matane-Matapédia is $65,253. Provincially, it's $78,645. I am unable to explain why so few elected officials, at all levels, do not fixate on this distressing observation.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Increase the basic personal exemption to $20,000 instead of $15,700 Reduce the tax rate according to different income brackets;
  • Stimulate the local economy to create wealth.

The F.-A.-Gauthier ferry has undergone numerous repairs and upgrades since its commissioning (file photo).

“We conservatives are optimists, not alarmists. »

— Alexandre Leblanc, PCQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia

Proposals and commitments:

  • Stabilize the ferry service to save people the detour to Quebec;
  • Lower gas taxes.

“It's not housing that's in crisis, it's the regulatory model, which is outdated and inefficient. »

— Alexandre Leblanc, PCQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia

Proposals and commitments:

  • Lighten regulations;
  • Market housing at a reasonable price;
  • Introduce incentives to help owners maintain and improve their homes;
  • Introduce a rent-setting process that benefits everyone;
  • Helping poor tenants.

“Recognize that our rural residents are part of the population and are entitled to the same financial support as urban residents. »

— Alexandre Leblanc, PCQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia

Proposals and commitments:

  • Allocate $200 per week per child for day care expenses;
  • Allow any qualified person to open a day care center in accordance with government standards;
  • Abolish transfer duties when buying a house intended to become the home of a family with minor children of a bigenerational property with caregivers;
  • Increase the tax credit for caregivers up to the amount that the State should pay for accommodation in an institution;
  • Keep our seniors in our communities;
  • Develop the cellular network.

One of the first ways to calm the labor shortage is above all for the state to stop all hiring competition with the private sector, believes Mr. Leblanc.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Introduce a refundable tax credit to encourage workers to pursue their careers;
  • Favor the automation and robotization of companies in order to reduce the pressure on the workforce.

How to reverse the trend [to the aging of the population] and reach the Quebec average by 2026? , asks the PCQ candidate.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Support community efforts to attract newcomers ;
  • Introduce new post-secondary education programs;
  • Promote the region to families and to other regions of Quebec;
  • Improve the fluidity of transport in Eastern Quebec.

The candidate for Éric Duhaime's party believes that there is still a lot of work to be done to upgrade municipal infrastructure in the constituency. Contrary to what is conveyed, he says. He cites as examples the lighting of the multifunction pavilion in Saint-Ulric, the development of the bike path throughout the territory or the construction of a new swimming pool in Matane.

The current Matane swimming pool is obsolete and the City wants to build a new aquatic center, but there is no financial assistance program to help (file photo).

Proposals and commitments:

  • Listening to the needs of municipalities and accompany them in the process of production.

This text was formatted from two interviews conducted (one on air and one off ;waves) with the candidate who had to decide in 60 seconds on each of the themes submitted.

To listen to the interview with Alexandre Leblanc at Bon Foot, good hour

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