Elections in Matane‒Matapédia: Jean-Sébastien Barriault at the Candidates' Tournament | Elections Quebec 2022

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Éelections in Matane‒Matapédia: Jean-Sébastien Barriault at the Candidates Tournament | Élections Québec 2022

During the election campaign, each candidate in the Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Gaspé, Bonaventure and Matane‒Matapédia ridings is invited to present their vision of local issues as well as their proposals and commitments to achieve solutions.

Jean-Sébastien Barriault candidate of the Coalition avenir Québec for Matane-Matapédia.

Owner of an organic orchard near the river, member of a carbon-neutral family, the candidate for the Coalition avenir Québec in Matane-Matapédia has undeniable environmental and regional ties.

Holder of a master's degree in history and holder of a diploma in specialized studies in cultural and tourism development, Jean-Sébastien Barriault was mayor of Les Méchins for two years from 2011 to 2013.

He was also a cultural development officer for the MRC de la Haute-Gaspésie, worked for some time for Verreault Navigation, then for the City of Montreal and, more recently, for Lelièvre Conseils — Développement des regions.

Heritage and local history have remained great passions, but it is in the heart of nature that the CAQ candidate will recharge his batteries. I cut firewood in the morning for my father. At the same time, I am expanding a field to plant our pear trees, because we have an orchard, we have reached 200 trees.

The field along the Rivière aux Méchins is home to plum, apple, pear trees and, since this summer, blueberry plants. This organically grown orchard is a source of great pride: Me and my father have fun with it. It is important to develop this knowledge and pass it on to the children.

The CAQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia, Jean-Sebastien Barriault, is the father of twins whom he describes as very restless.

Great reader, for a long time, Jean-Sébastien Barriault did not have a television.

The family is carbon neutral. Jean-Sébastien Barriault says he paid the carbon offset for the annual consumption of his entire family.

The CAQ candidate also taught French for a year in Moscow where he met the one who would become his wife. We lost touch, then in 2010, she came to study in Toronto and we met again on this occasion and she never left.

He is now the father of rambunctious five-year-old twins, Henri and Charles. These are two small storms!

The 42-year-old considers that the CAQ has evolved a lot in terms of the environment. Moreover, it is the pragmatism of the CAQ that attracts him. We cannot achieve a drastic transformation of our behavior either, without risking having social friction, observes Jean-Sébastien Barriault.

The attitude of the head of the CAQ, François Legault, who does not hesitate to admit his mistakes, pleases him. This is not evidence of weakness. On the contrary. It is a proof of great strength, of great wisdom.

I am a guy from a village. I was also mayor of a small village, so rurality is close to my heart, comments the CAQ candidate. But, as you know, the rural world is in crisis. Currently, young people leave to go to school, often they don't come back. The elderly will leave [their village] to go to residences.

Proposals and commitments:

  • Preserving services proximity in municipalities;
  • Pool services that the private sector cannot provide through the creation of cooperatives or non-profit organizations;
  • Get our share of financial assistance programs.
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    “It's a big project, but it's something for which I want to put a significant contribution. »

    — Jean-Sébastien Barriault, CAQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia

    In 2019, says Mr. Barriault, nearly 26% of the population was aged 65 and over, compared to 19% in the rest of Quebec. The projections are not very encouraging. In Matane, we could reach 39% of the population aged 65 and over by 2030. This has a significant impact on our economic vitality.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Get young families by maintaining local services;
    • < li>Betting on economic development that resembles us, such as renewable energies, biofood or tourism.

    “We have a cultural and natural heritage of incredible wealth. »

    — Jean-Sébastien Barriault, CAQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia

    The village of Méchins (archive photo)

    My wife is a nurse and we are rather in favor of [Christian] Dubé's plan which aims to decompartmentalize the professions in the field of health , comments the CAQ candidate.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Make the management of each establishment accountable;
    • Give the people of Matane, Amqui and Mont-Joli responsibility for their hospital and the development of customer services;
    • Better welcome and integrate staff who come from outside the country.


    In the Matane region, the rate of unemployment is below 2%. vacancy. Mont Joli 2.8%. I think the figures may be worse than that because Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation does not take into account people who are tenants without leases in a private residence, for example, analyzes Jean-Sébastien Barriault.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Support private companies that now have assistance programs for residential construction;
    • Helping municipalities develop projects.

    François Legault would like to make Quebec the pile of North America.

    Jean-Sébastien Barriault, CAQ candidate in Matane-Matapédia

    Proposals and commitments:

    Develop renewable energies in the constituency;

    Develop green hydrogen for the heavy transport, particularly by sea, but also by land.


    The CAQ has invested massively in our infrastructure over the past four years, particularly in the Matane-Matapédia airport infrastructure, which received approximately $12 million. The Matane wharf also received just over 80 million for an upgrade of these infrastructures. Several million have also been spent on repairing the road, in particular route 195, between Matane and Amqui, argues Mr. Barriault, among other things.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Continue the work started by his party.

    Several wind farms have been built in Matane, notably in Saint-Ulric, Baie-des-Sables and Saint-Léandre (photo by 'archives).

    There is an important effect in our corner, it's the aging of the population, the reduction of the active population which adds an additional layer to the problem , notes Mr. Barriault.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Offer tax benefits to retirees returning to the labor market;
    • Recruit and train without 170,000 in essential fields such as construction;
    • Add our local color to recruitment programs .

    It is also important to point out that nearly 60% of the public infrastructure found in the territory is municipal infrastructure. We are talking here as much about water treatment plants as about the softball field, underlines the candidate of the CAQ.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Finding funding for the municipal swimming pool;
    • Make sure that the voices of our elected officials are heard in Quebec.

    Jean-Sébastien Barriault argues that his party has implemented several measures to fight inflation and help the most disadvantaged. The coalition, he says, has made tariff reductions in various areas over the past four years, such as fishing, hunting and driving licenses. There has even been a drop in the cost of parking at hospitals.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Tax reduction for people with low incomes;
    • Give an amount of $600 to the less fortunate;
    • Promote buying local in the grocery basket.

    The CAQ government has launched a strategy to increase greenhouse production. For some time now, public institutions, such as hospitals and schools, have been supplying themselves primarily with local products or products from Quebec, underlines the candidate of François Legault's party.

    Proposals and commitments:

    • Invest an additional 75 million to promote food self-sufficiency;
    • Develop the agrifood supply of the riding by getting our share of the programs.

    This text was formatted from two interviews conducted (one on air and one off air) with the candidate who was to give your opinion in 60 seconds on each of the themes submitted.

    To listen to Jean-Sébastien Barriault's interview at Bon Pied, good hour

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