Elections in Quebec: the forest industry, one of the priorities of the MRC de Papineau | Elections Quebec 2022

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Éelections in Quebec: the forestry industry, one of the priorities of the MRC of Papineau | Éelections Quebec 2022< /p>

The Fortress factory in Thurso has been closed for three years (archives).

The forestry industry is, unsurprisingly, one of the priorities of the mayors of the MRC of Papineau in view of the October 3 election. The elected officials gathered on Wednesday at the Fortress plant in Thurso to present their priorities for the economic development of their territory.

The Outaouais was built on the forestry industry , underlines the prefect of the MRC of Papineau, Benoit Lauzon, by way of press release. We are currently experiencing a crisis, because a paper mill is creating the creation of small and medium-sized businesses. When it closes, an important link in the economic chain is missing.

The Fortress factory in Thurso has been closed for almost three years. The approximately 300 workers transformed dissolving pulp into cellulose for the Asian market.

In January, the provincial government said it was stepping up efforts to find a solution to relaunch the forestry industry in the region, while the definitive closure of the paper mill's activities was one of the scenarios considered, and could occur by the fall of 2022.

Mr. Lauzon therefore wants the provincial government to look into reopening the Thurso plant, like the support offered to the fishing industry in Gasp├ęsie.

It is not normal for our wood, our natural wealth, to be transported to Estrie , he laments. It must stay with us and allow the creation of 4,000 jobs in the Outaouais. We must consider the file as a whole, and not only on a financial basis.

Benoit Lauzon, prefect of the MRC de Papineau (archives)

Another file that affects the MRC of Papineau is the mining industry. In August, 21 municipalities in its territory launched a poster campaign to oppose graphite mining projects.

Our territory covers more than 3,500 km2 , underlines Mr. Lauzon, who specifies that approximately one third of the surface of the MRC will be accessible for mining development, when the regulation on territories incompatible with mining activity (TIAM) will be adopted. . It is a beautiful playground for industries.

The mayors of the MRC submitted, this summer, for the third time, a brief to the government to formulate requests to better regulate mining activity.

The latter assure that they are not against the establishment of mines on their territory, but rather want it to be done in an intelligent way, because a mine is irreparable.

Finally, the mayors of the MRC de Papineau have promoted the development of food processing businesses. They also believe that tools are necessary for the integration of immigrants.

Our MRC offers a very interesting environment and quality of life for these people. These could contribute to the economic development of the territory by occupying jobs within our companies, our establishments and our organizations , explains Mr. Lauzon. However, we do not have the resources to properly integrate them into our communities. We will need the Government of Quebec to achieve this.

The environment and tourism are also among the priorities of the elected officials of the MRC de Papineau.

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